How long does it take URSAFF to set up an ME?

I seem to remember from last time it was very quick however I applied over a week ago and have heard nothing. I’ve had problems with CAF which are almost sorted out however they can’t unblock my payments until I have the Kbis / siret nor can I get paid for the work I did last month!

If anyone has had any recent experience I’d love to hear!

I didn’t set up a Micro Entreprise but last year I did need to create an “entreprise sans établissement en France” to allow my UK-based employer to obtain a siret and thus contribute to the French social security system. This was, admittedly, during the 2nd wave of lockdown so it’s normal the process wasn’t as slick as it should’ve been but it took several months and was only resolved by regularly calling the URSSAF team to chase things up. Hope your experience is quicker than mine!

Eeek not what I wanted to hear :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I eventually sent them a message from my URSAFF page explaining that I’m a bit desperate and asking for some idea of time. I’ll update when / if I hear back!

Wow hats off to URSAFF! I messaged them yeasterday at after 4.30 to explain I really need my number in order to sort things out.
Within a short time I had this message:
Votre demande a été transmise à votre Urssaf sous la référence:

Then today I had this and on the little slider thing it has moved from Demande Soumise to Demande Validée plus this message:

Votre demande a été validée le 28/08/21 et est en cours de traitement afin de finaliser votre compte en ligne auto-entrepreneur. Un courriel vous sera envoyé dès que votre affiliation à l’Urssaf sera finalisée.

so hats off to them, they have been very helpful in getting my dossier moving!

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