How long La Poste redirect

Morning all,

Does anyone know how long you can have a domestic post redirection for with La Poste?
Their website mentions a commitment period of 12 months but doesn’t say what the options are at the end of the 12months.
Will I get the option to extend for another 12 months?
Will I be asked to provide some additional paperwork to prove I still live at the old address?

I’ll be forwarding my post to a company who’ll convert my post to emails.



As an “extension” is not offered on their website, that would suggest that 12 months is, indeed, the limit… yet elsewhere I think I’ve seen that it is renewable…

Years ago, I’m sure it was a 12 month maximum when arranged with one’s local post office but as I never needed to go past 12 months, who knows…

EDIT: There’s a “questions” facility on the website, why not ask them direct ???

I doubt it because one reason for using the service would be having moved. I used the service a long time ago for a year or six months and vaguely remember setting up online and something was a bit fiddly though. I then just moved all bills, correspondence, etc. to softcopy.

As you are only “absent” rather than “moved house”… it does seem to be limited.

Hi Stella,

I contacted them over a week ago and am still waiting for a reply.


Isn’t it possible to visit your local Post Office and speak face to face or even phone them ???

In fact, any Post Office will be able to tell you what is and isn’t possible…

Incidentally… info for all and sundry.… when the Addressage thingy clicks-in (and possibly many areas have this already)… the onus is on the Householder to notify all his contacts of the “new address”.

I think this is what you are looking for

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So… according to that link, 6 months is renewable only once… which equals the 12 months maxiumum…???

(which is probably why I got the idea of “renewable” into my head… )

I wonder why, if you are paying for the service :thinking:

absolutely no idea, but off the top of my head…
Some letters have to be delivered/signed-for etc etc… important stuff… and if there is a delay, who knows.
Plus the Huissiers and Gendarmes won’t know where to find one (should they ever need to) if one’s actual address isn’t correct.
this list is not exhaustive… :rofl:

I imagine that a year is enough time to inform everyone.It does say you can do a new contract after a year

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Ah yes. so it does… thus no renewing as such… but yes to taking out a new contract… how bizarre… :rofl: :rofl: