How much do you pay your babysitter?

Just thought I'd throw this one at you... haven't used a babysitter for ages as "mamie" is usually available or simply don't go out/just go to family events where kids play with their cousins. Bu got the local cycling club AGM and diner on Saturday, managed to sort out one of my mate's daughters to babysit as she's home from uni but not sure how much to pay... and she's not sure either as some people give her CESU, others an evening rate and others an hourly rate... (last time, a couple of years ago, we paid the smic because it was an older girl/local proimary school teacher) How much do you pay?

Thanks James, much appreciated... I must remember to check facebook too, having said that I'll never get anywork done at this rate :-O

Thanks Tracy. Yes we binned the cesu idea - too much hassle and no real saving at the end of the day.

We'll be paying a bit more as she's mobile and will have eaten!

Some comments on the FB page too Andrew

Hi Andrew,

We use a babysitter now and again and pay a friend's 17yr old daughter 5€ an hour. Generally the kids are in bed, so she sits and watches TV, we pay for a delivery pizza for her and then run her home! I think she does well out of it and it's a bargain for us compared to CESU, that was just too expensive as wwith all the charges it works out at about 14€ for them to earn about 7.50€ in their pocket.

There is another thread on this in the franglais kids section.

Thanks Rebekah and Alison. We'd been told by friends that it varies enormously depending on the time of day and the age of the babysitter, whether you have to take them home or if they have their own car...! we were thinking 7 to 8 euros, some people seem to pay 9 as it's the smic, others far less if it's a young babysitter that they collect and take home again... we're going to go for 7 as the kids will pretty much be in bed when she arrives so not a great deal to do. It's one of those difficult ones as it's a mate's daughter and we don't want to cause any hassle, another friend's daughter could have done it and I think she charges less but she's been away all week and has only just got back to us... all good fun and thanks for the help

I think the going rate is about 8 Euros an hour.

  • Sorry but as my boys are 15&17 they look after our little one (7) if the need arises. My 15 year old recently baby sat for friends though and they went for quite a long lunch- the drive there and back plus five courses, so probably about 3 or 3.5 hours and they gave him 15euros. He was thrilled and I thought it sounded quite a lot. So I guess it varies massively depending on who you're paying. Why don't you just propose an amount that you think is reasonable and be guided by her reaction??

... nobody uses local French babysitters then...!