How much oil do we really waste?

Having just cut myself on the ‘impossible to open’ plastic point of sale packaging of a vac head for the swimming pool - thought it a good time to have a rant at plastic casing designers, but coming at them from an eco pov…

Now, let us start with pool tools. They are all plastic and without exception afik, they have a life-span of a gnat near a bug trap. How much oil goes into their production only to be sucked out by the sun? Surely this is immoral, making the things with a precious commodity knowing that users will be back next year to buy another…

OK, I am far from eco. I drive a thirsty car because I ike to, but I do not burn oil at home simply because a heat pump is so much easier for me, but I do marvel at my plastic recycle bin each week and have to admit to having a small twinge in common with the Swedish girl of dubious repute, just looking at all the wasted packaging - one covered in blood. My local LeClerc uses recycled paper bags and Mme Giles, the owner, has my admiration, but is all the other stuff necessary? And how much oil is wasted?

Looking at the offending moulded packaging, the cynic in me comes to the fore and shouts that all this eco balloney surrounding oil is exactly that: balloney. If it were not, then manufacturers would either take note or told to take note of the situation…My thought now is that oil is not a precious commodity - we are only told that it is.

Now my keyboard is speckled with red. To the designer of Flowdians packaging, a plague of sleepless nights on you!


The manufacturers are Chinese, they don’t give a shit

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