How Not To Buy A House In France

As I write, I have three people on our top floor banging away to convert the space into a studio for my daughter.
This is the fourth place I’ve lived in and it really feels like home, despite the dust!
I wrote a piece for French Property News last month with a slightly amusing slant, offering my advice on the pitfalls of buying here.
Here it is, and thanks to James for the photo!

I know the feeling, our PC problems are always the last ones to be fixed, mind you I suppose I should fix them myself, but I see him as more techy than me!
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Ah, like the cobbler’s wife who has holes in her shoes!
My OH is an IT guru - wont’ bore you with how long I have to wait for my upgrades!

Hmmm, we’ve been living in France for many years - and still bought a house with many of those characteristics! The worst part is, is that my husband renovates other peoples houses for a living, while we still live in a half finished house.

We all make mistakes - even me…:slight_smile:

We once saddled ourselves with a place so huge, it took me over a day to vacuum the three floors. There was no garden and the village was full of lunatics but sense went out of the window as I’d fallen in love with the staircase!

Absolutely! The houses on offer here are wonderful, but can be money pits as well - people (including me) can be blinded by the charm and the work in them seems to not factor in the budget.