How the Scandal unfolded... might the investigation have been fairer?

My family is divided on how this was investigated …

Some think …that as the journalist knew what to expect… she should have denounced/confronted (on the spot) anyone behaving badly… as this would have given the “good guys” the opportunity to be counted.

Some think …that the journalist was right to keep quiet throughout, gather information… and report later… even though this tars all the men with the same brush.

A Financial Times reporter, talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

Why "shooting themselves in the foot"Just because they are high flying
buisness men at the reception it does not mean that all buisness is run
by men and that all buisness men are dirty old men.
The hotel would have known what was going on!
And was there any catering, drinks…yes of course there was and the
hotel staff would have been there to see what was going on.
The girls well!!!
They knew what was going to happen…please do not tell me that they did not.
Arrive in sexy black underwear and high heels.
Is that the only way wealthy matured mean can contribute to charity.
No need for a question mark…it was rhetorical.
Forgot to mention…no real sign of the agency …a name without a face.
If it was my story I would have investigated further into the event booked
with the hotel,the agency and what the girls were expecting after their brief.

Barbara, My post was about the business persons bible shopping there own readers, since when as the FT been an investigator into private functions.
Thought this kind of reporting was for the tabloids.
Not that I agree with what happened but did not expect the FT to send in undercover reporters to a function like this when they should be investigating I think tax avoidance.

The saddest thing to come out of all this is that charities have lost 0000’s in donations not just now but going forward. What it does highlight is that the culture of sexual harrassment (be it in the workplace or anywhere else) simply won’t go away.


It will be driven underground or the functions will be held in other countries.