How to accept a devis online from Leroy Merlin

I’ve been told by Leroy Merlin that I have to validate / accept a devis via its site and have a week to do so. Has anyone had experience of this that can help me do it? I have the contract number but can’t see where I can do it online at my local leroy merlin website. Thank you!

Never had this happen to me… but I deal with the store personnel face to face.

Perhaps you could do that ?? They will be able to use their computer to do whatever…with you alongside … if it really is necessary to do it on-line.

Worth giving a try anyway…

best of luck

Do you have an online account at leroy merlin? If not, perhaps you need to open one and all might become clear.

Thank you Jane. I did try that but nope - didn’t become any clearer. There’s just nowhere that I can see to have anything to do with a devis! Bizarre!

I don’t know the answer but how did they tell you? is the clue in the telling (ie by responding to the “telling”)? if you see what I mean.

Hi Graham - and thank you for also taking the time to respond.

I replied to a customer relations email with an attached Devis (I signed it and reattached it to send back) and then they rang to say (stuff in very fast french). I asked
them to email me with the info. The email said: “After your phone call please find your order number to validate by the leroymerlin site you have one week to validate it. Good day Sincerely. the order number is: XXXXXX” and gave me the link below.

Can’t make head nor tail of it - there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to accept a devis. I’m going to have to go in to the store I can’t get to the bottom of it. Just wanted to know
if anybody else had had a devis from LM and had to do stuff with it online in order to make it happen.

At the top right hand corner of the webpage they sent is a section for “Aide un question?”

Can you not use that to see if you need do more to validate the devis?

Yes for sure. Just wanted to know if anyone else had managed to do it online before starting down those routes :0)

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