How to cancel a French insurance policy

NB The deadline for cancellation is 31st October - don’t delay, contact @fabien if you need advice/assistance

For those of us from the UK who are used to being able to cancel an insurance policy at the
drop of a hat, French rules and regulations can come as quite a shock. But fear not, it’s really
not that complicated! Read on and we will explain how.

If your motor or house insurance policy is over 12 months old, you can invoke the ‘loi Hamon’
and switch your policy to another insurer whenever you want. This is a 31 day process
(although in reality it is closer to 45 days as the process only takes effect when all the
documents have been signed off) and the new insurer has to take responsibility for sending all
the required documents, included the recorded delivery notification of your wish to terminate the
policy. It’s important to note that only the new insurer can do this; the concept behind the ‘loi
Hamon’ is to ensure that there is no break in the insurance cover.

If the policy is less than 12 months old, or for any other insurance policy, you can cancel it using
the better known ‘loi Châtel’ which involves sending a recorded delivery letter to your current
insurer at least two months before the renewal date. It is well worth noting renewal dates in your
diary as if you miss the date by even one day, your contract will be automatically renewed for
another 12 months. Don’t be tempted to terminate your policy by cancelling payments as you
might do in the UK. French insurers have access to a central file detailing your insurance history
and any future policies that you might want to take out will be trickier to arrange and more expensive
to boot.

For further information or a quote in English on any of your insurance requirements, contact Survive France’s resident broker @fabien today.

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