How to change habitation tax into our names?

My husband and I are living in my parents house in France. We’d like to change the habitation tax (which I think gets billed sometime soon) into our names. Any idea how to go about doing this?

If you are lving there permanently it will happen automatically after your first tax return has been processed.
If you are using it as a second home and it is an official arr angement your parents should inform the tax office.
Ifyou are usin g it as a second home and it is an unofficial arrangement the tax office don’t need to know.
Property taxes are always billed to the person who owned/had use of the property o n 1st Jan of the year in question. Any change during the year will be reflected next year. So if you moved in during the year the bill for 2020 will in any case be sent to your psrents.