How to charge TVA - autoentrepreneur services

Hi all,

I am a AE providing consulting services, and I have crossed the TVA threshold.

I was given some advice that I could just add my TVA on top of my usual rates because businesses will be able to claim the TVA back?

I am guessing that this is all going to depend on the relationship that I have with the company (established or new, contract renewal etc)

However, I am working through an agency at the moment. So, I don’t know how that one will work, can they claim the TVA back ?

Apologies if this post seems a little like thinking out loud.



Well done earning that much!! I’d go and have a chat with your Chambre de … or the tax office, I’m not sure nad I think would be a nightmare to get it wrong! But don’t you hav ea 1 year leeway on it the first year you go over your AE earnings?

No ignore me that is the leeway going over ME earning threshold.

If you do a search on here on TVA and maybe include in the search autoentrepreneur or maybe microentreprise there have been threads on this including one very recent one.