How to cook cuisse de poulet.. ideas please

A neighbour buys a cooked chicken every Saturday at the local market. It is cooked on a rotisserie (you will have seen the machines I expect).

Now, she only eats the cuisses (thighs) … and gives me the rest of this delicious chicken. I have suggested she buys just the thighs and cooks them herself, but she reckons they taste nothing like they do when cooked on the whole bird…

So, today’s challenge is to find a way of cooking chicken thighs which will, indeed, be just as juicy, flavoursome etc… Then I can buy and cook them for her as a surprise.

You will need an oven and some chicken…

Is that ok? :slight_smile:



You Tow Rag… … I can’t keep accepting this delicious chicken…she will not hear of me paying … so, I would seriously like to do this for her. :relaxed::relaxed:


This is a site that I sometimes use … lots of ideas here, even for a non-cook like me ! :chicken:

This is my level Stella :laughing:

Laugh out loud moment there Martin - thanks :slight_smile:


Find a Tom Kerridge or HFW or Ramsay recipe, I suppose they’re all about the same but this one is about how I do it

Do they taste better when cooked on the whole bird or taste better when they are cooked at the market? If it’s the latter find out what they add before they add the heat, I’d guess that it would include far more fat and salt than you would consider adequate.

I suspect it’s a bit of both, but the traiteur is bio so should be OK…

I use thighs for many dishes, but they never taste the same as spit-roasted…

She’s right Stella. For me chicken has it’s best flavour when cooked whole and on-the-bone. Maybe you should accept the chicken and give her something in return that you know she likes, some of your lovely homemade chocolates perhaps - this assumes you want half a chicken every Saturday?! She may also be getting some pleasure from giving you the chicken of course.

Mmm… she does like my chocolates 'tis true…she doesn’t like alcohol so that’s a no-no… I’ll have to think some more on this…

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It a a bit of a cop out when it comes to cooking, but there are days when I can’t be arsed, so I have a selection of cook in bags - curry, barbecue, mediterranean herbs etc etc.
Dead easy, de skin the thighs and drumsticks, chuck some spuds in too and as it’s cooked in a bag, all the juices and very tender.

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Stella, look up recipes for tagines.

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mmm… so, working on your idea… I would skin the thighs, season/herbs etc and cook wrapped in tinfoil or whatever to preserve the juiciness… sounds like it might work… :grinning:

I need to find out what she eats with her chicken thighs… :grinning:

Is it wise to assume she doesn’t eat the skins and throw away the thighs? :thinking::grin:

:grinning::grinning: She is an absolute treasure… and I have now found out that she normally gives the rest of the chicken to someone else, who is away at the moment… which is why I am being honoured. :hugs:

Give her some nice bisto to put on it …

Maybe haricots vertes :neutral_face: I have to say that I do like HV but why are they served so often and with so many different meats here ? I think that I may have ‘converted’ my French friends to my (uk) fashion of offering a variety of vegetables with a meal. What are your experiences ?

Maybe because they preserve well, either bottled or in the freezer. We are still eating HVs we picked in 2016 (either we planted too many or they were a particularly productive strain). They still taste great, but we almost always serve them with other veg, usually roasted (not the beans!).