How to Create an Ameli account

A reference (in French) for creating an Ameli account.

4 things to remember when creating your account:

  2. SURNAME ONLY (could be maiden name)

The English speaking helpline can be found at

For those who don’t know, there are a number of reasons why you would want to create an online Ameli account not least of which is the ease with which you can access a number of health related facilities which you are entitled to have direct access to in France.


One of the most important things is the ability to download your « Attestation de droits » which is an essential document for a number of reasons along with your Carte Vitale (and confirmation of any Mutuelle you are subscribed to which is associated with your account and other confirmations) sight of which can be demanded as required. The only other way you are likely to get it, is by visiting CPAM with all that could entail.


The Ameli account is very useful… good idea to have this "how to do it… "


Back on topic…
Just checked our Ameli accounts and the name and address details are all in capitals (so, we obviously got it right).
I can only surmise that this is to avoid issues with variations to names which can be created artificially by using a mix of upper and lower case.

That said, the purpose of the topic is to provide a tutorial/guidance reference for people who may be experiencing problems with creating their online Ameli account - not a general bashing at the poor design of user interface :roll_eyes:

I’ve asked @cat for permission to use it on this topic. In the meantime, it’s a polite appeal :wink:

EDIT: Approved by @cat

I got letters requesting a photo and ID for the CV (dated 22/6) - after a few days went online tried to create an account - couldn’t.

Rang the helpline (english) - no probs account is already created, gave me a 4 digit PIN. Logged in. Both I and Madame on same account. Uploaded docs - took me 15 minutes to figure out ‘google translate’ was stopping it from working!

Cards arrived 19 July - postmarked 12 July.

Now, with the S1 I have a letter acknowledging the S1 cover up to November, but the letter with the card says rights up to June 2022, seven months later. Any thoughts anyone? Is this an expiry date for the card or have I been given an extra 7 months - maybe to cover any gaps between the S1’s?

Also, there is an asterix beside the column with a note “veillez a mettre a jour votre carte un fois par an et a chaque changement de situation”.

Is this the bit where one has to insert the card into a reader at the pharmacy once a year if not used? Will it expire otherwise?

@graham - there’s an address at the top of your post with a map pin - is that where you live?

Is it worth stating why you would want an Ameli account.

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This is a rough translation:

What is the ameli account used for?

  1. track your health expenses.
    View your repayments in real time, find and save your monthly statements.

  2. take steps without moving.
    Obtain a certificate of rights (Attestation) or daily allowances, apply for a European health insurance card

  3. report online.
    On the Internet, your ameli account allows you to update your situation in a few clicks: declare a new address, a birth, resumption of employment as well as the loss or theft of your Carte Vitale.

  4. exchange emails with the CPAM.

  5. benefit from a proactive health section (prevention) adapted to your age and your situation.

the list is not exhaustive…

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and upload the photos / ID for the CV, which is what I did! Saved photocopying / posting, and I got to keep my photo for another day.

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@Mat_Davies I have added further information in to the original post. Thanks.

EDIT: And just to confirm how useful an Ameli account is, only today on a visit to the Podologue, I was told that my ALD had expired according to her system. It hadn’t! Logged in to my Ameli account which confirmed all was correct and the Diebete ALD was still extant, so no worries.
Seems her system requires some tinkering which she will arrange with her software agent so a stressless weekend now follows, which without the Ameli account, might have been so different!

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