How to divide a small parcel of land up

I am looking to buy a small parcel of land from a neighbour who is selling it along with his property. the parcel runs along the back of our houses, and i want to purchase the bit from him that sits directly behind my house.. he is willing to sell the land seperately but I am just wondering if it is possible to buy half of the plot about 400m squared.

any one done this before.

I recently purchased a communal road that meandered through other bits of my property from the commune. Although the boundaries of the plot were defined by the land I did own, the sale could not move forward until the plot has its own a cadastral number. Your case sounds similar. I thus had to bring in a surveyor. The bill was slightly less than 200 Euros for measuring off somewhat more than 300 sqm.

In my case, the mayor arranged the survey, but I expect that your Notaire through whom you will necessarily have to pass, could advise you on the practical arrangements.

The cadastral office either at the mairie or the prefecture can also advise the price at which similar properties have sold in the past.

If the parcel in total would improve the rear access to your house (you say it runs along the back of both houses) it would be worth considering buying the lot. Buying part of it will incur costs from the geometre and notarial costs which might be out of proportion to the land's value to you.

you'd have quite a bit of frais - just to start with a geometre to do the new boundries but yes it is possible