How to erase a car from registration in France while abroad

Hi, I have inherited a car from my late father that is registered in France. I would like to register it in my home country (Romania) so I can drive it but I don’t know if I need to go all the way to Paris to erase it from registration or what the procedure is, before I register it here. It’s an old lovely Honda Civic in very good shape from 88 and already qualifies as a classic here (over 30 years from first registration) although it’s quite cheap.

Any help is welcomed as I haven’t managed to find any useful information on the web yet.

Hello Adrian and welcome to the Forum.

Please amend your Registration to show your Full Name as per our T&C’s.

If you are not sure how to do that, simply put your full name here and I will do it for you.



You and the car are both in Romania - is this correct? - If yes, you do not need to go to Paris - you simply do whatever the Romanian Registration Officials tell you. You will have proof that you have inherited the car, so you should have no problem putting it onto Romanian plates.

Good luck

Hi Stella, thanks for replying. Indeed, I currently live in Romania and the car is here as well. I will inquire with the authorities next week as I need to go to the office, phone number is always busy.

I hope it’s like you said, it would save me a lot of trouble and would actually make the car worth registering.


I cannot imagine any scenario which would force someone to come to France, from another country, just to do paperwork.

This is from ANTS, the french agency that handles vehicle registration. It might help.

If you inherit a vehicle following the death of a loved one and wish to keep it, you must have a new registration certificate (also called a “carte grise”) issued in your name.

If you wish to sell it or give it to a third party, you must also have a new certificate of registration issued in the name of the heir(s).


if the sale takes place less than 3 months after the death of the holder of the registration certificate,
if, since the death of the holder, the vehicle has not been driven on roads open to public traffic.

For more information on how to inherit a vehicle:

To apply to the Ministry of the Interior for vehicle registration following death or inheritance, you must:

authenticate yourself with the France Connect device ( What is France Connect?). This account allows you to be informed of the progress of your approach and to exchange with the department in charge of the file, which may ask you for additional information or supporting documents if necessary;
Select the "I wish to make another request" approach from your "vehicle space";
Select the "Report a change in my personal situation" section
Transmit in digital format the supporting documents corresponding to your situation. To ensure optimal processing, check the legibility and size of your documents (max. 1MB per document);
Tick the commitment boxes and pay any taxes by credit card, to finalize the process after the Ministry of the Interior has checked the file.

Transmit the following documents in digital format:

In any case:

Proof of residence less than six months old;
An application for a registration certificate for a cerfa vehicle n°13750 ;
the previous registration certificate;
a document proving the status of heir:
    or a certificate from the notary responsible for settling the estate certifying that Mr. Mrs..., born (e) on... to..., died (e) on... to... and that, in the estate, there is a vehicle (with indication of the make, registration number and vehicle identification number);
    -or a deed of notoriety drawn up by a notary;
    -or a death certificate accompanied by a certificate, signed by all the heirs certifying that there is no will, nor other heirs of the deceased that there is no marriage contract and that there are no lawsuits or disputes in progress concerning the status of heir or the composition of the estate.

In the event of joint heirs:

a letter of withdrawal from all other heirs in favour of the person applying for registration of the vehicle or a certificate from the notary stating their agreement to allocate the vehicle to one of them.

If the application for registration is made in the name of a third party to the estate:

A certificate of transfer (cerfa n°15776) established with the heir(s);
A certificate on the honour of the heir(s) who had legal custody of the vehicle certifying that the vehicle has not been driven since the death of the holder of the registration certificate;
Proof of roadworthiness test.

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Excellent Mark

Does this apply when car and heir (possibly not French) are in another country??

I would hope re-registration can take place in Romania and France be informed at a later date…

Like Brits who bring cars over here… without pre-warning UK.

but - I may be wrong. Either way, the Romanian Officials will tell Adrian what they require of him.

Thank you for all the info, it’s very useful. I went to the Romanian Registry office and they said I have to register it in Romania First and then go and erase it from registration in France. If ‘go’ means do it online or go there physically, I’m not sure yet.

Will keep this updated, in case anyone has similar situation.


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