How To Fake French!


(Wendy Wise) #1

How to Fake French when you don’t know how to speak it.

(Jane Bishop) #2

Thanks for adding this Wendy. Tears are rolling down my cheeks

(anon93167035) #3

I love this!

(Wendy Wise) #4

Thank you Kit!

(Kit Wells) #5

My lovely neighbours Wendy and Chris Wise.

(Alysa Fioretzi) #6

New member here and I just discovered you Wendy...OMG... you are so funny!!! EXCELLENT!!! I can not stop laughing, and how true your tips are ;-) I should have seen your video when I met my in-laws here in France. Your tips would have helped me to make them like me as I did not drink wine lol. What a mistake !!!!

Thank you for sharing it ..Love it !

(Jacques de Guise) #7

I was excellent but I was embarrassed by it.

(Ted Coltrane) #8

This is always good to watch and oh so very true, especially the tut-tutting....

(Michael Warwick) #9

I'm on holiday in France and because I intended to spend the winter quietly, took out no insurance for extreme sports, tsunamis or other 'evenements imprévisible'. More fool me.

For your information, Mme Wendy Wise, I am now in a financially precarious position, in Argentan Hospital, being treated for laughter-overdose after watching your video this evening. I am appalled that there was not even a warning that it was going to be so drole. I have had to sell my van, my self-respect - even my body - to stay here just one night while I (hopefully) recover. How irresponsible of you to treat total strangers this way.

You'll be hearing from my lawyer/my avocat/my bottle of Advocaat/my mam even! ... as soon as I can stop laughing long enough to sign the papers!

Shame on you!

(Norman Clark) #10

Dammit Sandra - you beat me to it!

(Sandra Chubb) #11

Women have always been excellent at faking it!

(Melissa Beckham) #12

I just discovered this, EXCELLENT!

(Wendy Wise) #13

My pleasure Julie!

(Julie Elizabeth Butters) #14

I have laughed and laughed at this - I've had to show it to quite a gew friends who definitely fit into the same category (myself included). thank you so much for brightening up a gloomy Jan.

(Cate Chambers) #15

Like it? Love it! :D

(Susanne D'Arcy) #16

Hilarious and couldn't stop laughing! I have e-mailed this on to friends living here too. Not sure I would put it into practice but admit I have used some of them in our early days!

(Wendy Wise) #17

You'll be the first to know did strike me that the blonde lady looked a lot like Catharine.....

(James Higginson) #18

This is the single most popular content ever posted on SFN Wendy! On Friday we received 400% more traffic that our previous record! Do you have any more gems up your sleeve?!

(Wendy Wise) #19

This has to be the most popular thing I've ever posted, I'm delighted to be able to make people laugh, it's one of my aims in life!

(nikki edwards) #20

It's me before.... I had a fringe cut !