How to find a cheap photographer near Reims/Charlon-En-Champagne


My wife to be and I are getting married this summer, in a chateau just outside of Charlon-En-Champagne, 2 hours drive from Paris (or 1h 30min by train). And we are in need of a photographer for the day. We have been "googeling" a lot, but we can only seem to find the really expensive ones (1000 Euros and more). I understand that the photos these people could take would be very, very good. But we are not that concerned about having the very best, and are trying to do the wedding on a fairly low budget.

Would anybody know somewhere we could find a really good amateur photographer in our area, or at least a professional that doesn't cost a fortune?

Is there a forum for photography-enthusiasts, or a photography-school we could contact to do the job?

Thanks in advance! :)

try having an online dictionary up - more reliable! Here's a link to the one we use most:

hope it works :)

They would say that wouldn't they?! Try the Mairie - most Mairies (i.e town hall) have lists of local special interest groups. Or - if it's Chalons en Champagne



FAUTRES Marie Jeanne

16, rue Chanteraine


Found this on the municipal website

You could check with the Mairie whether there's an amateur photographic group in the area.

We got a friend to take our wedding pics (he usually does goth glamour shots) - do you have any friends who could do the same?