How to find / confirm an address in France

I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. I may be about to start legal proceedings against a builder who constructed a pool for me, structural / installation issues have occurred and after one visit promising to fix has ignored calls, texts and recorded letters. It appears he has no assurance décennale - We did not know that we should have asked for a copy of it before the work was started.

Last year we took advice and had an ‘expert’ report commissioned - It concluded lots of issues and things not done correctly or to expected standard.

I want to try and confirm he still lives where I think he does before I go to the expense of an avocat, who will initially have to serve some kind of notice on them (I assume).
Is there a way of finding out a confirmed address ? Any advice greatly appreciated.

His Siret number should lead to his registered address which is supposed to be kept up to date….

Or perhaps send an empty envelope via Avis Recommendée and see if the receipt comes back to you?


No decenial, this will be expensive, hope you are in for the long haul.

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Peter… roughly where are you based… and roughly where is/was the Pool Company…

I am close to Riberac (24), the builder is not far.

If you can’t locate/find the letterbox, might be an idea to have a word at his Mairie and explain you’re trying to ensure the letter arrives safely…

also, you can gently ask them to confirm if he is still there… but they might or might not tell you .

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