How to get a high ranking SEO backlink to your website from SF

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If you run your own website you will know that the key to success is your search engine rank. When someone uses Google to search for what they need, if your site does not appear in the top ten results, you’re less likely to get a page view from that search.

Google uses many factors to determine the validity of your site and one of those factors that is weighted heavily is having your link appear on a site that already has great traffic.

But that’s not all there is to it, most links will be posted with the ‘no follow’ html tag meaning that it will be ignored by Google and is worthless unless someone clicks directly on it.

If you would like to benefit from a high rank backlink from SF, become a Survive France subscriber, it’s just one of the many benefits!

To find out what else you get for your subscription have a look here.

Once you’re a subscriber all you need to do is edit your profile information with your link and it will be indexed by Google.

That’s it!

Here is an example of one such profile and backlink;

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