How to get added to my husband's Carte Vitale

Good afternoon.
My husband has received his Nouvelle Carte Vitale letter today to return with his signature and a photo. So apparently his Carte Vitale will be on the way soon-ish if we are lucky. But how do I get added to his coverage? When we both went to the CPAM office in Ploermel, we did give the woman copies of our passports and our marriage certificate from 22 years ago. I’m just confused about why only one of us has received this form back in the post.

Ideas or suggestions are welcome!


I believe that a carte vital is only for one adult - you can have children on your carte. Not 100% sure though

Perhaps the best thing is to discuss this with your CPAM office…:slight_smile:

Ah – I thought they had joint ones or that the spouse could be added as a dependent. Thanks, Phillip.

Yes – looks like another trip back there. A bit trickier than the first time though since I am hobbling around with a rather bad knee injury – torn ligaments on both sides of a knee. Ouch!

Thanks, Stella. I had hoped that it was something we could just do online.

Deborah… couldn’t your husband go in … without you …show them his letter/form at them and ask when/if you should be receiving one too…??

That would save you a trip…just a thought… and… another thought… your letter/form might be in the post and arrive any day… is it very long since your husband’s arrived??

That’s actually a good idea, Stella! And no, it hasn’t been long at all. His form was in the post today! :grin:

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Inactif adults used to be able to be added to their partner’s carte vitale as an ayant droit. But as of last year, the system changed and every adult is now entitled to cover in their own right as long as they can prove they have been legally resident in France for over 3 months. So the ‘dependent’ status for adults has been withdrawn since there is no longer any need to be a dependent since you can have your own cover.
If you go to CPAM and explain your husband works but you don’t, they’ll give you the form to fill in and explain what documents you need.

@Deborah_Harmes … I have a minor panic :wink: each year… OH always gets his Flu Jab paperwork ages before I do… just when I decide they have missed me… it drops on the mat… :slight_smile:

Thank you, Anna. That’s information that I needed since I (incorrectly) thought that I simply got added to my husband’s carte. We lived in France in 2011-13, so this all changed afterwards.

Your answer is much appreciated.

how odd… they took your details… but perhaps did nothing with them… so might be worth a CPAM visit despite your injury (ouch).

Hope it all gets sorted soon and without too much pain. Knee injuries can be so awful…:cold_sweat:

Thanks for the encouraging words, Stella.

Oh my! That would make me a bit anxious, too. I had the ‘lifetime’ pneumonia vaccine just over a year ago in Australia and I got the flu vaccine that year. But we both skipped it last year and then BOTH got a dreadful flu. I’ll make sure that we don’t go through that again if at all possible.

Ask your Doc for a prescription for the Flu Jab this year … and the Voucher/Letter will come automatically each year after that…even if you do have to pay, it’s not that much and it is worth it (in my view).

Yes – well worth it to NOT ever feel that sick again! :open_mouth:

Deborah I am in a very similar position to you. As I am old (64) I took the S1 form in, together with all the necessary documents, my husband did his at the same time (27th June) & we were told the papers would be through within a month. His came through 18th July but nothing for me. We watched the chap in the CPAM office enter both sets of details on the computer.

Last week we went to register with the doctor & his was fine but she confirmed I need the forms (we had vaguely wondered whether I was covered by his as nothing had come through for me, but not apparently) We went back to CPAM as she suggested but they are closed 27th July to 4th Sept so am now waiting until they reopen.

Hope you have better luck & that your leg improves. Will watch this thread with interest!

Oh for heaven’s sake, Fran. That’s just crazy – and I had no idea that CPAM closes for 6 weeks! We were a bit startled when we went to the Chambre de Metiers to change my husband back over to micro-entrepreneur and she said she had to re-examine ALL of his credentials, but she couldn’t do it until the 17th of August because she was on holiday for 6 weeks. No one else was available in the interim. How in the world do government offices just CLOSE for 6 weeks at a time??? Sheesh!

I’m going to see if I can get into the doctor this afternoon and I’ll just pay privately. I need a referral to a physiotherapist now, not later!

Thanks for your own insight, Fran.

Amazing …today my Attestation arrived! No idea why it took an extra month but it is here.

Maybe it is the confusion of my married name. The letter is addressed to my married name, the attestation name and number is my maiden name at the top & further down the form my Maiden, first name then marrried name! Interesting to see what the Carte Vitale shows when that finally arrives!

Hi Deborah, By rights you shoud have your own Carte Vitale, Man’s Carte Vitale starts with a 1…
Ladies starts with a 2… i have my own carte vitale, You ask CPAM office, You can’t share a carte, because all you private data is on that carte, so each time you see a doctor, or go to the phamacy it is registered on your Carte Vitale.


You both have to make an application…one for each of you. Did you make 2 applications or just for your husband, thinking that you would be added to his. Under the new regime, you both have your own CV and therefore need to make separate applications.

If you did make separate applications, maybe yours is just slow to come to you. Mine came a few days before my wife’s. First you receive an Interim Attestation (with a temporary number) then you provide them with details of your doctor and photos of yourself. After this the final attestation and then the actual Carte Vitale will be sent to you.

Under PUMA we sent our applications direct in the mail and they all go to the CPAM in Bayonne from recollection, not necessarily your local CPAM office.

Good luck.