How to have a shower without a curtain

Once of the things I really find disconcerting in France are the baths that have hand-held showers with no curtain. How on earth do you shower properly without getting water all over the bathroom. Any helpful hints?

I am Australian, where a shower in a bath without a curtain and without the shower rose being attached to the wall is totally unheard of. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of homes in France and many B&Bs and even hotels that don't have what are normal showers for us. I personally dislike baths, hot or not!

No I'm English Jeanette but that's what my French OH told me and what we do here, especially with the kids as it stops them slipping over in the shower (yes we've got a "real" stand up shower too!)

and I think we all know what a bidet is ;-)

Easy - you sit in the bath and shower yourself ;-)

Bonne douche !