How to install VPN on Router

I have an Express VPN account. Is it possible to install Express VPN on a Livebox 5 ? I understand that the Livebox 5 is not on the list of routers that Express VPN supports for automatic installation but can it be done manually? If so could someone point me at some “Janet and John” instructions.

Not all routers allow you to add a VPN.

If your Livebox does not support a VPN you could buy a router that will.

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I don’t think a Livebox supports any VPN and a quick Google search has not disabused me of that belief.

You could get a 2nd router and use that for the VPN - you just need to choose one which supports your existing VPN provider.

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I also use express vpn, and I also have an orange livebox. I purchased a separate router and it works perfectly.

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Do you replace the Livebox 5 with a supported router OR did you simply connect the Livebox to the router via ethernet cable then connect your devices to the new router? If the latter, did you have to change any settings on the Livebox?

I simply connected the additional router to the livebox with an ethernet cable to one of the ports. So no changes necessary to the livebox. Very very simple.

Thank you so much. Can you recommend a router?

The router I purchased was a NETGEAR R7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wifi Router - good luck, and follow the set up instructions given by express vpn👍

thank you once again

You’re welcone :+1: pleased it was helpful :+1:

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See Get the Best VPN Router 2022 l ExpressVPN for a list of Express VPN routers and Get the Best VPN Router 2022 l ExpressVPN

The pro/business versions of Liveboxes provided by Orange support VPN configuration, but it is still a massive faff prone to errors and failure because Orange offers little or no support for free, and what it does offer on payment (technician comes out to “configure” the box) doesn’t bring any guarantee that it will actually work. At least, that was the state of play last time I looked. They had a software program for Linux (omg) that needed to be run from the terminal, but that was only to enable you to connect your workstation to the already configured VPN service. There was nothing for macOS (surprise, surprise).

I haven’t looked at this issue more recently, but perhaps I should revisit it.

Ah! Back to my Linksys with added Tomato.

Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 Wireless Router with TOMATO 1.2 or DD-WRT firmware OPENVPN.

I bought this gizmo in order to hitch it to my TV to get iPlayer. I understand that Tomato firmware in/on the Linksys is what makes this possible, tho’ I have no idea how it works or how to set it up.

Is there anything that has been mentioned so far on this thread described the ‘hows’? If not - how?

@letsmile - can you get Netflix with your setup? I use ExpressVPN on my laptop and iphone but for the last couple of months I haven’t been able to get around Netflix’s block on all VPNs. I had been planning to add a router with the VPN to my Livebox to watch UK/US Netflix on the TV but wonder whether it would be worth it if Netflix is still blocked.

Yes, get Netflix UK + Prime UK as well as all the other catch-up channels without problem. I previously used purevpn and it was a nightmare - so incredibly slow it was unusable, and I gave them that direct feedback. Expressvpn has been a breath of fresh air since starting to use it - it just works :+1:

I have a uk subscription to netflix and also have no trouble accessing netflix through nordvpn, whatever country I select on nordvpn, I get that countries netflix content.
With Prime France whatever country I select in nordvpn it still comes up as prime france but I dont get kicked off.

Just tried Netflix with Express VPN set to USA and it seems to be working OK on my PC. Perhaps you have a different problem? I am expecting my router to arrive tomorrow to try out Letsmile’s suggestion.

I got my Netgear router installed with Express VPN working eventually. It took ages mainly because I am old and incompetent and also because the Livebox is in the basement and I wanted to service two locations upstairs.

I needed a lot of help from Express VPN using their chat to an expert service but they were patient and very helpful. I have added a Roku to the TV so now all my video requirements are in one place on one device (Including Netflix Sue K).

I will let it run for a bit before discarding my ginormous satellite dish and decoder which are now obsolete.

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And how goes it? I posted a question earlier in this thread [#12] but I didn’t get any response.

I’m in the position of setting up how my TV, newly mounted to the wall, gets content. I have a Humax Freesat box but that won’t get me iPlayer, whereas the VPN+router will.

I have had reasonable results with Surfshark on this laptop so that would be a starting point before moving to another VPN if results n.g. or patchy.

What does this entail? Another box? Connected how? What does it do that the VPN does not do?

I really know nothing about this topic.

I went with purevpn and a dedicated IP for €3 a month, my Tenda router has a VPN section, turn on pptp client, insert the domain name, user name and password and connect.
iPlayer, Sky Go, itvX, Sky Sports, discovery, paramount just work.
No messing around with VPN apps, which used to confuse the hell out of my 88 year old FIL :slightly_smiling_face: