How to lance a boil For those who do want to know the safest way to lance a boil please visit the link. The rest will have guessed already this is a 'protest' post. Instigated by the many recent references to Gastroenteritis. My sympathies, of course, and thank God for the likes of SNF which may well stave off the demise of the human race, in the event of the next Sars pandemic. If you want know how long your personal bout of the shits may last, do what normal people do "ask a Pharmacist".

Like many SFN addicts, I have my meals brought to me at my workstation, where I like to mange and read at the same time. But why do those out there ( clearly typing on a commode, wearing trackie bottoms ) insist on hijacking a lovely descriptive piece on 'Broccoli Bake, avec Dauphinoise, washed down with at nice Shat-o-neuf, just as I'm squelching through my first sodden cruton, scooped from my soupe de l'onion ….with another ghastly reference to something that should be shared with a Doctor or very close friends, not 9000 networkers!

It puts me in mind of the time when ( back in the old country ) I asked my dear wife what was for Supper, she replied 'Chile Con Carne, hold on I'm just going to the loo and I'll do you some.' 'No, no it's ok I'll have an omlette later. I'm sure many of us expel a cacophony of fluids, gases and other malodorous material, please keep it to yourselves or flush it away, My only gripe ( watered down ) is if you have a propondency towards pebble dashing, or if diarrhea runs in your family don't rub my face in it …see a geneticist, don't tell me….I mean it from the heart of my bottom.

Watch out for my next post, 'How to slice away the dead skin surrounding a Verruca'. Bon App!

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