How to make a complaint to Orange?

Does anyone know please how we can go about complaining formally to Orange for their service re our internet. For the third time since December 4th we have had a deadline for restoring the line that has been broken. It was supposed to be fixed today. It was, for a bit. We are now being promised 6th January.
Going on the internet or using 3900 all we are getting is recorded messages that there has been an “incident”. How can we get through to a real person?

Have you tried the English Speaking helpline?


Thanks Graham. I’d forgotten about it! Back online again for a bit. Making the most of catching up.

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Dont be too hard on the person you speak to, its not their fault and generally they will do whatever they can to help, in my experience.

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True Mark, bad service starts in the CEO’s office, not in the call centre.

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I’m not. But I also ask if the conversation is being recorded and ask that my complaint can be passed up the line.

Just a thought. You could try I’ve used it repeatedly to get help when our connection was very unreliable. If you enter your phone number and just follow through the sequence, you get to a page where you can get an agent to ring you on your mobile. Even if you have no connection at all it might work out that you get to talk to a real person.

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Sue, we had no line for eight months.
Orange have offered to refund us for what we have already paid, but no offer of compensation.
They then had to admit that the repair they had done was not up to standard and cut off our internet for another fortnight.
Are you the only household affected? We had thirteen houses and two Mairies working on our behalf.
I am sorry to sound so gloomy, but Orange are an appalling company to deal with and I really cannot understand why they have not been brought to heel before now.
We have come to the conclusion that they do not want to do any repairs before installing fibre.
Good luck.

I can assure you Fleur that you don’t always. In a situation like this where the repair is (a) not just us and(b) going on for a long time the Orange system is set so that you get a recorded message and then the computer says “goodbye”.

I’ve known worse! Sorry to hear about your travails Jane. I’m certain it’s not just us. Orange is reporting it as an “incident”. Fortunately we seem to be back online at the moment, but now Graham has reminded me about the English helpline I’ll follow that up if we lose it again.

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Glad to hear that you are back on line.

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We must have been lucky!

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This should be on 48-sheet posters all over the place, everywhere Orange is to be found. I won’t repeat my experience of, just say Jane is perfectly correct. They are the pits.

On the other hand… Our experience with Orange has been a good one. We replaced our abonnement with Bouygues because of better 4G speed and unlimited internet but we had a good response from orange in the time we were with them.

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