How to paint hands?!

Hello everyone

I’ve just finished an oil painting which I attempted to paint in a classical style but, as you can tell, found the hand very difficult!

Any tips on how to paint realistic hands would be appreciated!

Anyway hope you like the painting, I enjoyed painting it.

Donna,I think if you smoothed out the paint around the wrist area,where the hand bends, would help.As Debra says,always good to have a hand model.What bothers me is the lack of any indication of a head,a very difficult angle I know.

Wonderful. Well done! I kind of like the hand. I would be far too scared to attempt hands, but I might do now that I have seen Debra's advice. :)

Hi Donna! I've been missing in action for a while but I am glad to see your post. As far as the hands, I would suggest you get a "hand model". Ask a family member or relative to place their hands in the pose that you need. You might even want to do a couple preliminary sketches to first get it down properly. From what I can see, the fingers aren't proportionate in relation to each other. Also, make sure that the lines (space) between the fingers end a little before the knuckles. I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing your finished painting.

Sorry I had a problem downloading photo. Sorry it’s around the wrong way I can’t seem to rotate it!