How to register a non-EU car in France

(phuong macleod) #1

Bonsoir everyone,

My partner and I originally imported our 2010 Land Rover from USA into the Republic of Ireland in 2018 originally planning to live there. However, after living in Ireland for a few months, we discovered it wasn’t the place for us.

Now, we are here in France and enjoying it here very much. We arrived in January 2019 with our car. We recently got one quote back from a company to register the car and took more than month to get a quote. This company feels a bit off. So, looking to other companies that help folks register a non-EU car in France.

May I ask if you can recommend a company that can help with this?

Many thanks


(John Scully) #2

Did you register the vehicle in Ireland?


(phuong macleod) #3

We have not because we were informed at the time our vehicle arrived in Ireland, we could not until we have a permanent address. Since we decided not to live in Ireland, we left the car at our mum’s place in Scotland until we could find a suitable home. Fast forward a year later, we finally have a permanent address in France.

Hope that makes sense.


(John Scully) #4

Sure, but it’s a pity because things are a little more flexible in Ireland than here IMO and registering an Irish registered car in France could be less problematic than a US registered one. There are many companies that will register the car for you for you, the trick is getting all the documentation together. There’s a lot of info on this site on what you’ll need. For example proof that VAT and import duties (if appropriate) have been paid, certificate of conformity etc. Stella and many others will be more than happy to advise you. :slightly_smiling_face:


(stella wood) #5

Depending on what paperwork you can provide… it could be OK and go through the usual channels…

If not… you will need to contact the DREAL … get your dossier together… “Receptions à titre isolé”

every piece of info that they ask for… then take the vehicle to them for an Inspection… (hopefully, it will get a “pass”, but it is not always certain)

This is the link for Nouvelle- Aquitaine… you can find the link for wherever you are … on the web…


(Dominic Miles) #6

Except Ireland has a hefty import tax on imported vehicles. Good job they didn’t,


(John Scully) #7

Yes Dominic, it’s vehicle registration tax (VRT) and quite punitive but it’s not payable if you’re changing residence. I suspect the customs duty would be the same in any EU country and the VAT will be 20% vs 23% in Ireland.