How to register your business as an Auto-Entrepreneur

The auto entrepreneur regime is one of the easiest business to set up in France. It enables you to pay your social charges on a pay as you go basis and has some simple accountancy rules.

Auto entrepreneur basic rules:

- Turnover threshold of 32,100 euros for services

- Turnover threshold of 80,100 for trade

- no VAT

- Social charges based on a fix rate (12% for trade, 21.3% for services and 18.3% for intellectual services)

Here is a step-by-step video on how to register as an auto-entrepreneur online

Once you are up and running, here is a second video on how to make your turnover declaration:

Hi Valerie
For some reason I cannot comment on your Start Business in France facebook page, even though I am a “fan”

You asked the question: Quick survey? How much do you pay your accountant on a yearly basis if you have a SARL? 2000 euros, more? I’m interested in your feedback.

I have a Sarl company and I pay Euro 1913.60 a year (Euro 478.40 per quarter) inc TVA. My accountant is worth every penny.

Hope this helps your survey.

Hi ! Do these set-ups relate to network marketing ? If not do you know the scheme for such?

No they can’t.

AE expenses is explained more in my video:

As I understood it, there is no allowance for expenses with the AE scheme, but the social charges are at a reduced rate to allow for this. each persons situation is different and the value of registering as an AE needs to be assessed individually, depending on your expected income and the level of expenses involved.

As a basic get you started package, AE is great - very simple, gets you into the system and requires little paperwork. But if you are an artisan for example, it may not make sense because of the restriction on income and no way of claiming for the cost of materials.

I am registered as AE, but then my business is web based with very little in the way of expenses. I have been advised that at around 10,000€ income level, I may be better of changing to another type of registration, but that is something I will need to investigate further.

Yes, you have to list your income as 100 euros.

As an AE you cannot claim for any expenses what so ever.

Yes, I used it that way too - it was superb! However the AE site itself didn’t want to work properly when it came to the medical ‘assurance’ part and after struggling for many hours I called Urssaf and they sent me a form with such small print and very little space for my answers that I blew it up double the size and it was still difficult to fill in - but fingers crossed - it’s in the post now!

I’d like to say that I used Valerie’s video on registering as an auto-entrepreneur - one window with the video in, another with the auto-entrepreneur website :slight_smile:

Ooh that was very brave of you, straight into a SARL, it must have been tough.

We set up a SARL company in August 2007 and this is our 3rd year. I guess 2011 will be interesting for us, our accountant just keeps saying “don’t worry” but I am dreading our first major tax bill!

Hi Bob, we’ll definitely will have to do something. For now I am struggling for time trying to concentrate on doing new video content for forum members (health care, non EU members, online T/O declaration and in depth auto entrepreneur presentation.

Should be able to do something in May.

Hi Sandra, I totally agree with you, it makes it so much easier to get started, limited risk and enough time to understand how the French system works from health cover to social and income taxes.

One year down the line you can reassess whether it is still the best regime for you and move onto a standard entreprise individuelle or limited company (EURL/SARL).

Dear Valerie
Firstly welcome to the group and thank you for posting this information on the auto entrepreneur scheme. I wish this had been around when we first started business in 2007, would have made things so much easier and cheaper!

Good info, thanks for sharing. Going to have to try and persuade you to guest post on my blog -