How to remove olive oil from T-shirt?

In the great scheme of things, this is pretty trivial, but while cooking yesterday I got olive oil on a favourite cotton T-shirt. I washed it overnight - 60 degrees - but the oil stains are still there.

I’ve had this problem before. Anyone got a solution please? NB: we’ve got a fosse septique so I can’t use cleaning products that are too harsh.

Have you tried washing soda, Sue?

Edit - like thisone?

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Rub washing gloop or savon de marseille into the stain then wash it as usual but with a spoonful of washing soda in the water.

Vanish - and if the French advert is anything to go by, comme neuf!

Thank you everyone. I’ll have a go. Washing soda added to something seems a good idea.

Vanish, @graham unfortunately I haven’t had much success with in the past.

ACE bleach is hydrogen peroxide so with washing soda and soap then allow to soak for a while. Obviously not using chlorine bleach.