How to remove unwanted Pub

This has probably been discussed before - I just wondered if anyone else finds advertising for weapons unacceptable. I assume that there is a method to block unwanted Ads like thes on the Forum

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click on the little blue cross top rhs, then follow instructions…
you can “report” the Ad if you want…

it’s all done through Google, I think you’ll find. must confess I just ignore 'em.

Or donate and you won’t see any ads. :slight_smile:


I’ve started looking…
plants and perfume seem to be coming my way…

I’d love to see adverts for guns! All I get is energy saving scams and anorexic bints in Poundland undercrakers.

Infrared heating panels or streaming TV scams for me.

I’ve had alsorts, from heaters, attractive young ladies advertising sloggi, Ukranian brides, pension advice, lots of scam ads, food, tools, ‘experiences’, holidays, cars etc.

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Adblock works.