How to restore a lock

Man after my own heart! When i was working we always had hundreds of pallets - some very good wood - and mostly they ended up in a monthly funeral pyre!

Thanks Graham! The French word for locksmiths is serrurerie, try for one in your area. I think I will make a pallet chair tomorrow, and do a run to the tip to see if I can snag some more pallets.

James - you're bl**dy good at these D-I-Y demos! Hugely impressive effort. Could you get a contract with IKEA and do the whole world a favour? :-)

I was going to ask the identical question to Nessie - where do you get keys cut? Where do you *find* a good locksmith? (And what is the word for "locksmith" in French? I have tried on several occasions to get keys to the myriad of locks in my old house but either they were all lost over the ages - or the family have sold them to a brocante!

That's a good question Nessie, I imagine a good locksmith could do that for you providing a blank can be found.

How impressive James. Is there no end to your skills and talents? What I want to know is can you then get a key made for a lock if you have never had a key in the first place.