How to Scrap a UK Reg. Vehicle in France?

A friend’s vehicle recently broke down here in France. He and family were repatriated under his AA cover, the vehicle recovered from the autoroute by a garage nearby.
It was not a particularly valuable vehicle, the engine overheated and is beyond repair, recovery to the UK is not worthwhile.
The garage agreed to scrap the vehicle, apparently. I am caught now trying to help out with communications between my friend and the garage, neither speaking the other’s language.
If the vehicle were French, I assume the owner would notify ANTS that the vehicke is to be scrapped, then permission would be granted to proceed. Anyone know how the process should work for a vehicke registered outside France ?

Well, the car is currently registered in the UK so I’d start by asking the DVLA whether there can ever be an exception to the “authorised facility” rules or, indeed, if they already have a standard practice for this scenario - it can’t be the first time it has happened.

If its still UK registered then you used to just fill in the bit on the Log Sheet where it says ‘vehicle exported broken scrapped - what to do’. However it’s a while since I scrapped a car, and I do know that if you take one to a (UK) Scrap yard they need to be licenced to accept your car for disposal.

So I would start at reading what the Log Sheet says you have to do to dispose of it and go from there. Obviously it’ll also be dependant on the rules the French garage has to follow.

If it gets too difficult, and if it were a good friend of mine, I would be tempted to scrap it myself and dispose of it down the Dechetterie (?) specially if he gave me a few €s for doing it :grin:.

Thanks guys. It is not DVLA nor any UK authority that is my concern, though. The vehicle is here, in France, and we want to get it scrapped here.
What I would like to know is the process to dispose of a vehicle in France, a vehicle reigstred in the EU but outside of France. For example, does one have to present the UK V5C at an authorised vehicle destruction centre or does one fiurst have to obtain permission from the Prefecture to destroy the vehicle?
Things are a lot more complicated in Europe (including the UK) than they used to be ; checks ought to be performed on ownership, and materials recycled or disposed of in a regulated manner. I couldn’t get much sense from ANTS, their FAQ just says that the registration document should be sent to the prefecture along with the certificate of destruction and they will inform the relevant authority - in this case DVLA.

This isn’t gospel - I’ve simply filled an otherwise idle 5 minutes with Google and the source is people with similar problems to yourself chatting on similar forums.

Well, DVLA has to be part of the picture as the vehicle is currently registered in the UK n’est pas?

It looks like the only truly kosher way to do this is to “export” it from the UK, register it in France and then scrap it. In fact if you can’t find a scrap yard in France who will take it without French paperwork this might be the only way to do it other than taking the vehicle back to the UK and doing it there.

If you can find a scrapyard willing to take it without French paper work just fill in the “exported” section and send it back to DVLA.

My local garage guy happily took an old UK registered car off me, the form you/they need is Declaration de Cession d’un Vehicule cerfa no. 13754 02. They filled it in on the computer, printed out the copies for me and them to sign and took the log book as well.

This was back in March 2015, so not certain if this system is still current

Fortunately this situation is covered by the french authorities.

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