How up to date is your doctor?

Our doctor doesn’t have a computer,which makes us feel very vulnerable, as he works totally on his own. You have to keep your own record of your previous prescriptions and when we first went to him to register,our UK notes were just added to the large pile of paper behind his desk.

He is very pleasant, but his surgery is decorated with spider webs and a mop on the floor wouldn’t go amiss.Does this strike a cord with anyone, or are we really unlucky.

Does anyonw know if there are minimum standards applicable to french G>P>'s?

A good doctor is worth traveling for, mine is 13kms away, but you get seen the same day, and she is very friendly and efficient. We have a doctor in the village - also very clean efficient up to date, but bedside manner completely absent. I’ve got the children registered with her because they have had the odd emergency, and the surgery is 30 metres from my doorstep!

He is the nearest and there are no surgeries on Thursday because he trains the sapeurs-pompiers in the nearest large town. I shall have to make more enquiries, but our nearest town is 15km.

Doesn’t sound like any french doctor I’ve ever visited so far!

not here, mine has recently moved to a very modern with receptionist building, very clean and super efficient. Can’t you move to another doc? or are they too far away. Ours was in the village, with two others, but he moved to another one and most of his “clients” went with him, he’s really nice