How's this for size?


please tell me this croaker wasn’t found in your pond… ?? :wink: :wink:

In other news, David Spardo reveals that one of his legs has been bitten off in his swimming pond…


He would have given me a swim for my money, wouldn’t he? :rofl:

He/She is a Queensland Cane Toad, a prime example of an introduced species imported to do a specific job ie, eat beetles that eat sugar cane.
Sadly they decided that the bad beetles weren’t tasty enough, and found that lots of other things that are actually beneficial, are.
Their numbers have increased to epic proportions and are spreading out to other states.

Funnily enough, despite working as a cane cutter many years ago, in Queensland, I have never seen one. :roll_eyes:

Damn, I wondered why I kept falling over, I thought it was the gin. :astonished:

Which reminds me, the sun is well over the yard arm… :thinking:

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Very toxic nasty poison.

Reminds me of a rotund shaggy white haired bloke who tells lies.


Give me the cane toad any day.

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Worse than that, the beetles live at the top of the cane and the toads on the ground, and they can’t climb :roll_eyes:

I won a trip to the outer barrier reef when m cane toad won :rofl:

We had them in the garden when we lived in Qld. Pest, you couldn’t go out at night bare footed! And had to check before letting the toddler out to play!! Some people were very inventive at despatching them, a regular discussion point over drinks :rofl:

You had a racing cane toad. :astonished:
Very cool. :rofl:

:rofl:it wasn’t mine per se but the one I chose on the Whitsunday island I was on holiday! :rofl: I even have a photo of me holding it (wearing a pink washing up glove :rofl: )

Most important I would say. :thinking:

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I wonder if cane toads legs will be added to the French restaurant menus now?

Apparently the legs aren’t toxic. There are toxic glands in their shoulders, eyes, ovaries and eggs, but the legs are fine. In Natal, South Africa, sometimes the cane toads would be eaten.

I don’t think I’d be eating one in a hurry though!