How's Your Day Treating You?

Life can throw up so many trials and tribulations to deal with that unsettle our daily life. The whole of Europe is currently riding a financial storm. So, where do we look to find positivity in these troubling times ?

When I have a problem to face and overcome I find that it is usually in the forefront of my mind and, if I allow it to, it can take over my entire thought processes, and place a cloud on my life.

The first step in remaining grounded is to look around my problem. Notice what is still good within my day. It's amazing how the little things in life help to brighten the day. It might be the way the sun glistens through a tree or hearing a favourite song on the radio. Maybe I find a moment of joy when I realise that it's not raining and I won't get wet bringing the logs in. There are so many small positivities in each day if we decide to look for them. I wonder how many you will notice today ?

Perhaps I have it too easy. I am a social anthropologist who specialises in the study of children, especially child workers, street children, child soldiers and more things children do that they mostly should not. Not that their families are better off. I have worked in a lot of countries, many of them poor. No matter how bad the day I do not need to convince myself there are people worse off, I know there are and have learned to be that bit more humble with my own occasional self pity.

That's what I call: Looking for the Silver Lining.

Have a super day ... all of you.

How very true! I have woken up this morning to a "bad day" which can be very unpredictable and frustrating.

I do agree its about looking at the positives though. I have lit my fire, and am sat down next to it and feeling cosy and warm. My OH is working from home this week, so that's a huge plus - my brother in law is outside erecting some fabulous Spanish lanterns he very kindly gave me, our latest piece of renovation, namely my OH's new study is all but ready and will be made "live" this afternoon for internet connection - we have some good TV to watch together later on, I have been invited to 3 lunches in the area by the LIFT association, and I have a scrummy slab of my Mum's home made ginger cake to look forward to with my afternoon tea.

I could go on and on, and my back, legs and pretty much all of me is aching, but all of those things do make it a whole lot better!

That is so true!