HRT and bio identical hormones

Hi can anyone help me?

I recently had a concern about cancer as a cyst was found on my breast. I am OK but am currently on HRT and am aware of the dangers of breast cancer so I wish to find a practitioner in France who can advise and take me on as a client for the treatment for the menopause using bio identical hormones.

There is a Clinique in England but it is too expensive for me to travel there every time I need to see the specialist.

I live in the Drome. Can travel much further if necessary. Paris would be fine for example.I have googled the subject but the one person in France I discovered cannot take more clients.

Thank you in advance


Your gynaecologist should be able to refer you or prescribe themself. If you haven't got a gynaecologist you will find a list in the yellow pages, I'd suggest asking around for recommendations where you live as well, because some are more clued-up and/or nicer than others.

Thankyou for the information. I will try to find another gynocologist as mine was not very helpful over this matter.