HRT in France

I was talking to a friend yesterday. She is experiencing the early onset of the menopause and, at the same time, considering a move to France.

Mrs P told me she has the impression doctors in France are reluctant to prescribe HRT, even more so than in the UK.

Is that correct? Or is it relatively easy - accepting the attendant risks of HRT - to get it?

I never had a problem, as was allowed to continue to 65. Breast screening is good, and they do also do ultrasound for dense breasts.

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Without knowing what has given Mrs P this “impression”… I’d suggest she discusses things with her doctor and (hopefully) all will be well

here’s the Ameli link which might be enlightening…

here’s an edit…

Le traitement hormonal substitutif de la ménopause dans certaines situations

Un traitement hormonal substitutif de la ménopause (THM) peut être proposé par le médecin traitant ou le gynécologue, si le bénéfice de ce traitement est estimé supérieur aux risques qu’il induit.

Il associe un estrogène et un progestatif (le progestatif est inutile si la patiente a subi une hystérectomie).

I don’t think doctors generally give out advice about third parties :wink:

Thanks for the link though

If she gets a prescription in the UK a french MT will most likely discuss a continuation.
Mine did a lecture of risks involved with hormone treatment - and continued prescribing.
Not a problem.

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ha ha… can Mrs P advise her friend to discuss with own doctor…??? in UK if now is the time… she can go ahead with it…
when/if she moves to France… if she’s already on it with no ill effects… there’s no reason why a French Doc would “stop” it…

and the Ameli site does give the general opinion… “OK if nothing adverse…”

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Hi, yes it’s a nightmare to get a HRT prescription in France unless one is 1 year postr menopausal (1 year period free). The French won’t prescribe it to anyone still having periods.

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I’m reading a lot currently as I’m now in the perimenopause age bracket. The last few years has shown a lot more research and everything I’ve read says its better to start earlier, a lot of protective reasons for long term health. Was going to go see my doctor to discuss so not happy to read that :roll_eyes:

I had heard that there is a shortage of HRT medication at the moment (2nd hand via my old MT)

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don’t be disheartened … go and discuss thoroughly with your own doctor. :+1:

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Exactly, same reasons. It seems the French medical system is still relying on out-of-date data and isn’t aware of the new evidence and studies. Good luck anyway!

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