HRT or bio identical hormones

Hi can anyone help me?

I recently had a concern about cancer as a cyst was found on my breast. I am OK but am currently on HRT and am aware of the dangers of breast cancer so I wish to find a practitioner in France who can advise and take me on as a client for the treatment for the menopause using bio identical hormones.

There is a Clinique in England but it is too expensive for me to travel there every time I need to see the specialist.

I live in the Drome. Can travel much further if necessary. Paris would be fine for example.I have googled the subject but the one person in France I discovered cannot take more clients.

Thank you in advance


Did you ever find a solution?

Not yet. My doctor and two gynocologists aren’t interested. There is a
private clinic which specializes in bio identical hormones but isn’t taking
on more clients. A friends doctor recommended to her, Livial which is a HRT
treatment less risky regarding breast cancer. I might try coming off
Femsept after my five year period is up and hope my hair doesn’t fall out!

Hi Fiona, been there done thT, without HRT, sadly the menaopauxe is a curse to be tolerated but I took Starflower Capsules/tabs which at the time perhaps 15 yrs ago I bought from H@B although living in UK, although they send to France. I also took Devils Claŵ with it and the 2 together worked for me.

I would also say though that you ought to check out ingredients of both,plus if you take other prescribed meds. Prescribed med ingredients can be checked on .co.u.k or .fr …Wikipedia is a good site to research also for natural ingredients.

Current thinking now, as seen on U.K. TV is that HRT is not good and may even cause Breast Cancer. If the lumps are Cysts, they may just need aspirating by your Dr. I had one done when living in the .Hérault with no problems at all. Cyst never reappeared. No I’m not medically qualified, but these days I prefer the “natural route” rather than chemical one and have done a lot of research on my own health because needs must! Health Research has become my current hobby, especially if I see similiar symptoms from others on other forums, it’s fascinating, educational and beats listening to Brexit on TV :slight_smile:
Hope above helps.
Oops nearly forgot to say, if there is not a Bio shop in your area, speak to your Pharmacist, I check things out with him for myself, showing him my extensive blood test results. He put me on Arkopharma products when I wanted to do a detox. Just add .com to their name also to see which products they make, using natural Herbal/plant ingredients. You may find something there for the Menopause, I don’t know.

Thanks so much Shirley
For the very helpful info. I am waiting nervously for some test results
and have also decided to come off HRT slowly. Will check out my local Bio
shop for those ingrediants.

No problem Fiona, hope you Find some. As just starting afresh with the new look format and reading rules, i think I’ve broken some alreadŷ by mentioning how to check out your meds or where to buy some, oops sorry.

Just coming to this post very late, but am relatively new to the group. Are the pharmacists in France the same as UK?? So if I wanted to go down the natural route to HRT, could I ask them for suggestions and advice? Or are they only interested in prescription only? I would much rather find a natural remedy to my hot flushes than having to take drugs. Any advice very much welcome :wink:

My experience of pharmacists here is that they are very keen to promote non-prescription items, and usually have quite a range. But if you decide to take any supplements please check contraindications if you also take prescribed drugs. Natural doesn’t mean risk free.

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Thanks Jane. Have ordered sum herbal supplements on-line but if they don’t work will pop to the local pharmacy.

Maybe soya ‘milk’ helps, all that oestrogen-alike. Vitamin supplements eg vit D, B complex. Or just don’t think about it and be physically active and not too wrapped up and you won’t get hot flushes or only very minimally noticeable ones. Works for me :slight_smile:
There are squillions of things on offer at the pharmacie, just go and ask them about bouffées de chaleur and medecine douce etc (take a chair to sit on as the shelves are loaded so it may take a while). A herborist would probably whip up a tisane for you :slight_smile:

Which suggests you are not afflicted with severe flashes. They are not “minimally noticeable”. Lucky you.

No I am not, and I do feel quite lucky - I think it is multifactorial, whether you are much affected or not. I didn’t mean to sound flippant.

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This will probably not be much help because I can’t remember the name of the medication ten years on and she has long since retired but I was prescribed bio identical HRT for 2 years by my doctor/gynae without me specifically asking for it.
I would have liked to continue but as it was mainly for a vanity reason (hair loss,androgenetic alopeacia)and that was the time limit I was given I came off it,but it really gave me a sense of well being
I know our local biocop sells or used to sell Pain des femmes(or something similar)chock full of linseeds,pumpkin seeds and phyto oestrogens for menopausal symtoms and I’m sure there is a recipe out there to make same a lot more cheaply.
Good luck

I had the most terrible time in the summer - thought I was dying due to the range of symptoms I had. I didn’t even know the menopause could give you chest pain and muscle cramps… after having virtually all my internal organs scanned (it was that bad, as in I could not walk / get off the sofa, brushing my teeth required so much effort that I had to lie down again afterwards), I then started having hot flushes and thought aha.
My GP had just retired and the new one was about 19 and useless. So I asked friends and am now taking this and wearing a Ladycare magnet 24/7 and am completely back to ‘Normal’ .
I am pretty fit and active and always assumed really bad menopause symptoms only hit overweight couch potatoes. Well, that showed me…!! The magnet took about a month to kick in and after three months I was virtually symptom free. I’m not sure whether it is the magnet or the supplements (I had tried others from Boots in month one but they were not very effective) or the combination but I haven’t yet been brave enough to stop taking or using either.

I just wish there was more sensible research into the menopause. It can be completely devastating - sometimes just for months and other times for much longer. It does other things to you too. I developed rheumatoid arthritis at menopause, which doctors fobbed off as menopausal symptoms for about a year, and then said there was no link. 3 times more women than men get the disease, and a big proportion around menopause - go figure.

So I am hugely jealous of the many women who sail through without a pause in their life. I just wish there was a better way to replicate this.

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If men got the menopause there would be clinics on every street corner, with free, safe and effective treatment. And free ice cream. And puppies.


There is a view that they do. :thinking:
Believed to be one of the contributing factors to second marriages / affairs with much younger women.

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Thanks for sharing Cat, will look into both. So far only symptoms are the hot flushes, so think I am lucky so far.

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All this to look forward to!