Huissiers de Justice are coming!


We have just received a letter (that looks genuine) from Huissiers (bailiffs) in the Ht Garonne, demanding 1100 euros within 48 hours, or else goods willl be seized.

Problem is, we have no idea what this is about. The letter is a "Dernier avis avant saisie" (handwritten warning), but we have had no previous letters. The firm seems to exist- at least there is a prescence on the web, and an address (17 Av. Anselme Arrieu, 31804 St Gaudens)

Any ideas or advice, anyone?

Thanks, Tracy and Sarah,

We have finally got in contact, but ,of course, the person dealing with it is not there today. An associate seemed to think it was a mistake, but I wonder how can that happen. It seems to be some unpaid debt to a solicitor. Will ring again tomorrow.

Don't panic!

I had them crawling all over me when I closed my former business!

If it is a genuine letter, rest assured that they will accept a payment plan.

They all did for me when I had to negotiate the business debts and, since I have been working in the translation/relocation world, they have all been understanding when I have approached them on behalf of clients.

I am on the Tarn/Haute Garonne border and all the huissiers that I have dealt with in the area are understanding.

Let us know how you get on!

We received one once as well, turned out to be a speeding fine we had never received. Tried to argue it but as they don't come A/R nothing we could do, especially as my husband realised that he was in that place on that day so it was probably correct!

It looks like a mistake to me, unless the avocat in question has been fighting for your rights unbeknownst to you!

Make sure you call and if necessary go over to the huissier's office or you could end up with another horrendous and totally unjustified demand on your doorstep.

Keep us informed in case we need to organise a demonstration to denounce corrupt lawyers:-)

You could let us know here on SFN, too, Peter :p

Hi, Marie - Claire,

Thanks for the reply Have not received any bill from the URSSAF, but have not received a taxe habitation this year (or last, for that matter), so it could be that. Four odd things about the letter a) the other party is an avocat in the same town, b) its from the Midi- Pyrenees, we are in the Roussillion, c) the address is not complete, and d) the letter says there were previous letters, but we have not received them! We will find out tomorrow, and will let SFR know.

It could be a mistake, or even a hoax, but…… Have you settled all your URSSAF bills? Do you owe anything to taxes (income, foncières….).

Not having received a warning before doesn't mean anything, unfortunately. I had to settle a huissier's fee, although I didn't owe the amount the URSSAF demanded.

What happened, was that I received a bill from the URSSAF, which had nothing to do with my situation, called and explained, the person on the phone said "sorry, our mistake", I hung up and got on with what I was doing and the next thing I knew was a letter from the huissier demanding payment in full, plus fees.

The huissier's secretary told me NEVER to call the URSSAF but ALWAYS go there in person and not leave the office without all the necessary documents and explanations. Which is what I do now. Every time.

Cerainly will next Monday. The letter arrived today, so no answer to our phone call. According to the gendarmes, the letter is official, though our address is incomplete (no house name or number). I was basically asking if anybody had any previous experience or advice.

I threw out an old minitel not long ago, should have kept it really, might be worth something one day! ;-)

Well, no use trying to get hold of them on Minitel :p

exactly! ;-)

Why don't you ring them up?

Georgel Padilla Leclercq Alonso (SCP) + détails

  • huissiers de justice

17 av Anselme Arrieu

  • 05 61 89 24 79
  • fax : 05 61 95 43 42