Humour is such a personal thing

Given that we are not seeing each other’s body language and can only rely on the words on the screen,

also, what one individual may recognise as amusing may completely pass another by (and often does),

and also given that references back to earlier (humorous) comments are not always recognised (especially if one is only dipping into the final posts on the thread) may I suggest the use of emojis?

I was never a fan of emojis, but they do make it clear for the rest of us that the comment is meant not to be taken seriously.

Their use does then take the sting out of the discussion and avoids raised blood pressure all round.


sometime though Sue, the emoji inflames… I recall one a short time ago where the use of :thinking: cause a bit of stir :roll_eyes: and a :poop: storm when a poster tried to associate it with unkind things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Some people just have no sense of humour :grimacing:


To disarm the doubters of my intent I sometimes use the “cluster bomb” technique: a nonchalant double handful or smorgasbord of dubious emojis with a scattering of winks, protruded tongues, smiles and upside-down heads, and some flora and fauna too. Never seems to elicit any negativity. Road traffic signs add a touch of intrigue to any emoji-string.

People probably just think I’m soft in the head. There’s intellectual stimulus to be gained from figuring out my mindset from my emojis, some of which are as impressive as a Jackson Pollock creation or an illustrated mediaeval manuscript, I reckon.:duck::v::innocent::palm_tree::art::jigsaw::neutral_face:


I struggle with actually seeing emojis - they are just small yellow blobs to me!

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great idea especially for us new comers who dont really know anybody well enough to guess their mood or manner :+1:


Or maybe just not YOUR sense of humour? :thinking:

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haha mines a GSOH :wink:


Your humour is a sine qua non of SF chuckle output, @graham and @Tim Cole is runner up in his own astrigent style.


Very true about differences in a sense of humour. Not long ago I posted a little (i thought) humour on a local Google group.
It was not accepted, with the following note “There apparently are a lot of scared old folk out there, a lot living on their own, so not really suitable.”

This was the offending post (Warning! Not suitable for those of a sensitive nature).

Hi All,

I have just returned from Lidl in Chalais where I bought a 1.5 litre bottle of Chianti for 6.99.

I then spent half an hour looking for liver & fava beans but could not find any.

Does anyone know which aisle they would be in?




Well I was going to tell a Covid joke but I was worried you might get it



How many racists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None. Racists dont like to be enlightened.


What do racist statues and racists have in common in 2020?

Trouble staying erect




A banned advert…


What would you listen to on the radio when driving the kids to school?
Caroline Community Radio (Maldon, Essex) recently played this song during the school run time and received a number of complaints…
Best 9½ minutes any kid ever spent on the way to school :blush:
and a shorter more adult graphical version for those in a hurry…

You from Maldon Graham ?

No Manchester but moved here from Essex