Hundreds of thousands of retired Britons in EU 'may be forced to return'

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Typically inflammatory tone that is necessary in the media world to hype up any story.

So a quick google to fact check (yes, I was bored!)

There are apparently a little over 1.2 million UK citizens living in other EU countries. About 310,000 in Spain and 190,000 in France. Southern Ireland accommodates 250,000.

Again, apparently, about a third are above retirement age.

So looking at France and Spain alone, that’s about 160,000 pensioners. Making the crude assumption that they are the population most likely to find paying for medical costs prohibitive let’s assume they all came home. That would not quite qualify as ‘hundreds of thousands.’

Nevertheless, it’s possible 160,000 new patients for the NHS would impact on it, perhaps balancing the perceived benefits of reducing the number of immigrants accessing the service.

More significant is the number of immigrants currently working in the NHS. While no one has suggested they should leave it would seriously impact the service if they did.

I wonder what the implications of raising the bar for immigration might have for ongoing and future recruitment to maintain/improve staffing levels in the NHS. I have a suspicion that if there were a pool of unemployed but qualified staff native to the UK they would probably already have been employed by the NHS. So that might suggest we need migrants to help us staff the service at least in the short term.

Aren’t the next few years going to be interesting!

The next few years will be very uncomfortable for many people.
In a way it will be interesting…yes.
But why did this happen…really?
All those leavers/complainers …is life so difficult or imperfect for them/
No…I think that they are being selfish.

Agreed Barbara - totally selfish leavers/complainers. Their decisions have already affected my life and yet none of my decisions affect theirs.

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Everybody was given a vote some voted to remain some voted to leave. The result doesn’t suit you? That’s hardlines suck it up. To call those that voted to leave as selfish is ridiculous. I voted to remain by the way.


NO David it is not ridiculous!
And no I did not get my vote…no fault of mine…down to Kensington and Chelsea,London.
How can it all be justified?
What good is going to come out of all this?
I keep asking the same question…No one answers.
Will there be less racism…less crowded roads and streets in UK.
Will most people find a reasonably priced home?
Will the NHS recover and be efficient in its service?
Will there be better schooling?
uk is a place where people demand more and more…and not everyone is prepared
to “give” …I call this selfish David.

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I think it’s pretty selfish behaviour when folks voting in one country affect the lives of those living in other countries. I’m not seeking agreement - just the right to express my view.

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But that’s what democracy is all about, it’s why people vote.
If it had gone the other way, your vote to remain would have affected the lives of those living in the UK.
Why would it have been any more OK that way round than this way round?

No Anna - I completely disagree - that’s not what democracy is all about.
democracy - noun - a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Nothing there about affecting the lives of those living outside that state / population
I can’t think of any other situation where a domestic vote has had such an impact on those living outside that country. My vote to remain would not have affected people living in the UK at all, that’s just being silly! A remain win would simply have meant a status quo being maintained = no change.

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Nothing there about special arrangements for those living outside that state either.
Of course your vote to remain would have affected people living in the UK. People in the UK wanted changes, eg a future with fewer immigrants in it. Had the vote been to remain, there would have been no changes. Ergo your vote would have affected their future.

Anna - we’re not going to agree on this - we’re miles apart so let’s leave it there shall we. :slight_smile: As an aside - interesting how you mention immigrants…

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That’s too subtle for me Simon :blush: I was just mentioning the concerns about immigration in the UK that I read in the UK papers and hear from people who live in the areas of the UK that are affected. Or are you referring to me being an immigrant? but I don’t see anything specially interesting about that, on est ce qu’on est / ce qu’on fait / ce qu’on mange / ce qu’on vit / ce qu’on devient / etc, according to personal philosphy…