I CAD imported dogs

Hi, having recently moved to France with all my mutts, I have to register them on I CAD middle of next month. I asked my nearest vet for a price per dog, as I have several. I was told 90 euros per dog. My repeated 90 EUROS??? became a little shrill, but she said If I dont need passports then it will be 80 per dog. As I have dogs rescued from other countries, they also told me I needed the date of the microchip fitting and the name of the person who fitted it. Bearing in mind most of mine were microchipped in foreign kill shelters, Im not sure if its possible to find that information.
I was advised to contact a lady who runs a shelter and has imported dogs from the Ukraine. She told me that the information they want is only for dogs born in France and she said the price they’ve quoted is ludicrous.
Long and short is, has anyone moved to France and brought a dog with them?
If so, can you tell me how much you were charged by your vet?
I’m just trying to get a feel for what other people have been charged.
If anyone is in or around departments 23/36 and can recommend a vet that didn’t rip them off, I’d be grateful.


Where were you before and do they have passports from anywhere?

To be registered they need paperwork be it old passport or animal health certificate or similar.

I did our recent none EU- rescue - it took quite a while - but she also had some treatment. I think actual ICAD fee is 10’ish but the vets charge for time and any new passport. But 80 per animal sounds a lot

Sounds a lot to me too, but I have never done it with a foreign dog myself so can’t be sure. I have asked the Presidante of PAD, the French Dobermann rescue association, what that sounds like to her. She personally deals with many Dobermanns imported from Spain so will know, but she has reliable contacts down there who make sure that all details are recorded on their documents.

I’ll let you know when she gets back to me.

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Thank you so much. That could be really useful.

Are you in a very popular area for Brits? A lot of second home owners got French passports to avoid the costs of animal health certificates - vets have realised it’s naughty and money for old rope. But there’s now a price …ours treated it more as a basic health check

Hi, I was in the UK before. All my dogs had either UK passports, or EU passports, but these have all expired now either post brexit, or because they’ve been updated by UK vets. I still have the old passports and they all came over on the new AHC’s. I have added some from Romania since I got here and they all have valid EU passports. All my foreign dogs have Traces paperwork, so registration should be fairly straightforward.

We registered our 2 UK rescue dogs with ICAD when we moved to France last year. The ICAD fee was just under 10€ per dog and the vets charged their time (about 50€) for all the online inputting required to register, and to issue the 2 French EU pet passports. We had to submit copies of the import certificates for ICAD to prove they’d been legally brought here to France. 90€ sounds ridiculously high!

Hi yes there are quite a few Brits in La Creuse and I fully understand why 2nd home owners have been trying to get around the system. It cost me just short £1k to get my dogs and cats here on AHC’s and we’re not even going back to the UK. I know the French Authorities are clamping down on EU passports for non residents.

Thanks George. That gives me some idea of what others are being charged. I expected it to be around 25 euros per dog, but definitely not 90

On 22 July I paid the following at Callac: Rabies vaccine 32.50 HT, French Passport 25.53 HT, ICAD 7.69 HT. I make that 78.86 total inc TVA. My dog already had a UK passport.

Wow! All I need is the I CAD registration! Shame you’re so far from me!

Yes, regularly visiting friends of mine did it with their dog. I believe it has all been put a stop to now though.

It could be as simple as the vet hates the paperwork … If you try one of the local groups on FB you should get decent suggestions for local vets - crap area for doctors or dentists but theres plenty of vets

I’ve haven’t had any problems getting a doctor, but dentists are apparently non existent. Thanks for that.

Sorry been super busy, she did get back to me very quickly with a very long list of all she knows, but I am sure from the above that you already have that info.

But she did say that the amount demanded was way too high and she would gladly help re her local vet if she could, but she lives in the far north (of France). :smiley:

My vet charged €10 for a French passport and gave me the form to send off to icad and I did it myself (they filled in their bit for free) if you don’t need any vaccinations etc I don’t think it would be more. Someone above said it was just under €10 for the Icad reg. so that’s €20 per dog then. I’m in the Jura.

Thank you. Sadly that’s just a little too far.

Thank you. That’s a long way from me, but its nice to get confirmation about the prices.

Yes, Maryvonne at PAD said € 9.23 per dog for I-CAD