I couldn't resist buying one of these

Yes,you are correct. Like you I never did it, just watched others do it :shushing_face:.

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Yeah you took the number, eg a 6, away from 10 istr. So for a 6 you would push down the cradle 4 times in rapid succession. You’d hear the clicks dial through then next digit. eg for a 3 you’d push the cradle down 7 times.

Never got it totally working as by digit 4 or 5 I’d mess up but you could definitely hear the digits go through to the exchange after your cradle bout with each one.

PhonePhreaking was the name given to finding ways to explore weaknesses in the telecom systems. There’s an article about it here.

Some friends and I at Imperial College in the early 70s had an… interest in the subject :wink:

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Nevertheless, sounds like you got further than those ‘very casual acquaintances’ of previous posters.

“I don’t have any personal recollection of such a situation your Honour” - an increasingly popular opening in US legal chess known as the ‘Trumps’ Defense’ (sic).

You could always phone the operator (think it was 100) and tell them the phone had taken your money and not connected you. I’m happy to admit to doing it :grinning:

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Washers worked as well as coins, good for international as well as local calls :wink: :wink: :wink: bip,bip, bip,bip

You’re out of luck. At that price, the piss has been taken.

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Philistine :joy:

Are they binoculars?

Yes for bird watching

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Ahh, I’ve a good pal who’s a twitcher, also a solicitor, but we’ll overlook that :face_with_hand_over_mouth: We attended his 70th in Dublin a couple of weeks ago en route to Oz.

What was the traffic like on the Yellow Brick Road?

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Bit of a headwind at 40,000 feet over Abu Dhabi but otherwise nothing that Dorothy, our captain. couldn’t deal with :slightly_smiling_face:

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