I hope this report is pure humour

"Let me put it another way …” Boris bumbled. Here was the thing. Sometimes it was far better to negotiate without a plan. If we went to Brussels with a list of things we wanted, the EU wouldn’t like it at all. They would think we were a pushy “demandeuse”. So the best plan was to have no plan. That way the EU would eventually come to telepathically realise they need us more than we need them.

Just in case there was anyone left in the room who wasn’t as confused as him, Boris chose to say he thought we would be planning to remain in the EU defence agencies. “So you’re now effectively putting yourself forward as a demandeuse, after all?” Tugendhat observed."



Does anyone know what they’re doing in Govt? Thanks for sharing!


The thing with politics from the backside to the top which, to myself judging what is spewed from within, resembles backside number 2.

I am a True and Loyal Scotsman who initially became enthralled in the awful but tight attempt at Independence for Scotland.

I have met and enjoyed discussions with Alex Salmond. He is a noble man in whom i totally believe and trust.

The Initial and only idea behind independent status for Scotland was to be allowed to act like grown ups and fend for their own family of what i genuinely believed to be true Scottish nationalists. Plus fend for thier own assets and dwindling infrastructure.

In my own view and definitely those of my Scotland and Reims based family, it had nothing at all to do with disliking and certainly not hating the other 3 ‘British’ countries folk.
Indeed following the worst nightmare of losing our Mother and Head of the Clark Clan, the Clark Family consists of a much larger number of English based family. Moreover, it transpires there are actually more Clarks including my fabulous big Brother and his offspring, in France than in Scotland.

Returning to if we know or understand what the countrys leaders have in mind for us? I apologise for only utilising the Scottish Independence farce as my example, it’s all i have really concentrated on since becoming completely disabled and have too much time (am housebound) .

Following the announcement there was a Referendum on its way to allow Scotlands inhabitants to say Yes. We want to be a Seperate entity from London and Westminster (as would 48% of England)
No. We are British and believe in Better Together.

No’s Royalist Loyalist Brit-Scots narrowly won.

I will give what i and my family believe went wrong halfway through the campaign which really looked to be heading for a stunning monumental victory in British political history.

Scotland became divorced from what was the whole Democratic attempt for independent status. And the ugly nasty antiquated reason?
Scotlands infamous hate campaign between two sets of people whose hatred for each other via Religion.

Many, of folk who i KNEW were Rangers men but confessed Good Scotsmen were voting YES at the outset. Didn’t.

The VAST majority of Celtic people 'Good ’ Practicing Roman Catholic and Scottish Labour Party voters prior to the campaign began suddenly stopped following the Republic of Ireland and were now Scottish Nationalists and go to eatch Scotland ay Hampden.
Because their attachment to hatred of Britain and all British people had at ladt given them a perfect vehicle to a Scottish Republic and they very nearly did.

Scotland had divided itself not from Parliament. But from its own neighbourhoods.

It is sad for True Scottish people, True and Proud nationalistic British , English, Irish and Welsh folk who understand what was happening.

If anyone wants a wee point of evidence of said divisions in what used to be a Proud Nation, check out the days in which most countries celebrate tjiet heritage and witness the Silence of St Andrews Day.

I have been at street parties in Gwent, Richmond Yorkshire and Dunloughaire.
Those were proud proud days and so well attended and enjoyed.
St David
St George
St Paddy

Ive celebrated withTurkish, Malaysians and Singaporean people

All fantastic atmospheric occasions. But I am embarrassed to say most people in Scotland go to St Patrick’s days or St Georges rather than their own patron Saints celebratipn of their country of birth

Does not bode well when Nicola Sturgen for bumping on about Inderef 2 when her people dont understand what she means

I believe the article to be satire.

But you know things aren’t good when it starts to be difficult to tell satire and straight reporting apart.


Quote"I have met and enjoyed discussions with Alex Salmond. He is a noble man in whom i totally believe and trust."

My brother who was Director of Procurement for The Scottish Home Office, when Salmond was in power, loathed the man. He had to work with him but he did not find him to be either honest or trustworthy. Btw he did not believe in Scottish Independence either!


Sorry but i will certainly not come on here for purposes of dispute or offend your Brother or yourself. However, Akex Salmond may not be your Brothers cup of tea, all of us i am sure will be loathed ir loved by many during our lives.
However, i know few, on any party that do not fully respect Alex Salmonds integrity.

It’s by John Crace. He writes satirical pieces.

Cheers Steve, I sort of knew that, but after Boris’s recent ‘performance’ with potentially putting a woman’s life in more danger in Iran, it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction (if you know what I mean?)