I married an alien from outer space

I married an alien from Pladies

She was a remarkable lady

Her mother-in-law had two tongues and a tail

And came from the planet Hades

On our wedding night

She gave me a fright

For I didn't know what to expect.

Before I could kiss her

and tell her that I miss her

She bit a hole in my neck

Living with an alien

I must say is scary

For the back of her legs were all

Scaly and hairy

Her hair was electric

Her feet used to smolder

When I pulled out the plug

Her skin would get colder

She would attach herself

To the coil in my car

When I started the engine

She became a quasar

Now I'm not one to complain

Sometimes we do things that are pretty insane

But I’m glad I married this Pladien woman

Even though we have nothing in common