I need a publicist!

Hello all

I am in need of a professional publicst to raise the profile and increase sales of my new book France in Ruins - Buildings in Decay. It is only in English at the moment and I wish to look also at producing a version in French.

Anyone out there able and willing to help?


ok will do

I’m sending a message via SFN with the details on…let me know if you don’t get it!


I got this one Wendy. Thanks this sounds a good person for me to talk to.
Many thanks


Hi Simon I have two suggestions for a publicist from a friend who also writes about France and whose latest book is a bestseller. Are you getting my e mails here on SFN?

thanks peeps
I have a book published already just need a publicity person to increase its profile
any help gratefully received


worth a try?

I could ask around if you like, I have some writer friends who might be able to recommend someone. I can definitely help find a translator.