I need to dabble with a Dongle!


I am going to be at the Tour de Finance exhibtion in Josselin, Brittany, on March 1st and have just found out that there is no wifi access. This is essential for me as I had hoped to have www.guide2brittany.com ona laptop for people to play around with. I guess I need a dongle but have never had one before and not sure where to get one from. So my questions are;

  • Where can I buy a dongle in France?
  • What is a dongle called in French?!
  • Can I get a pay as you go dongle or do I have to have a contract?

    Thanks for any help

Hey folks - thanks for your help! I found a good deal (29 euros) for a dongle with four days on and then you just top up as and when you need it. Details if you are interested are;


If you wanted to be sure that you were going to have something that was going to work all the time, you could always install a copy of your site on your laptop and run an offline copy of it locally. Depends on how large your site is, the server it has been written for and the configuration of your PC but it should be possible.