I needed a visit to the Emergency doctor after a Wasp sting

This plague of wasps has just had another victim.
I was sitting at my computer this morning when I felt something on my leg and brushed it off.
It was a wasp which then stung me once on the tip of my finger and then again just above my wedding and engagement rings. I had to physically remove the wasp from my finger.
My finger started to swell so I took antihistamine and iced the finger. This did not work and I called SAMU, who made an appointment for me with the emergency doctor.
With Jim’s help my rings were cut off and I am now on cortisone to reduce the swelling.
It has been extremely painful and by the time I made it to the doctor it was three hours after I had been stung. Another three hours and I would have lost the finger.
This plague of wasps is indeed a menace.

Oh NO Jane how awful - your poor finger and your poor rings :pensive: Quelle horreur.

Not something I would like to repeat.
The rings can be mended, but it was the doctor who held my finger and Jim who did the cutting.


Glad you’re OK…

Thank you.
I was lucky that I rang the SAMU and did not go straight to Urgence at Macon, where I might have had to wait longer.


Heavens Jane, glad you’re ok. Did they talk to you about whether it might be a good idea for you to have an epipen? I have a friend who became allergic to bee stings, sadly. He used to keep hives and had to get rid of them because his doctor warned his allergic reactions would get worse.

Very very unpleasant for you if not hideously so. You acted with great presence of mind, Jane, take some time for you and OH to congratulate yourselves, when the dust has settled. Those ring cutters are very useful, every Casualty department carries at least one pair.

Best wishes for a quick recovery too :pray:

Oh you poor thing, really sorry to hear that. Wasps and fingers are not a good combination. Hope you are feeling better and sending hugs from both of us xxx

at least you managed to stop at the ring :wink:

Oh what bad luck, wishing you a speedy recovery.
I have a hornet harassing me as I pick the sloes, I think I will stop now I’ve read this.

Best to pick fruit in the early morning… before the frelons and wasps are out and about…

I am not allergic to wasp stings, it was the fact that I had two stings on one finger and I had my rings on that finger.
It was the swelling round the rings that was restricting the blood supply to my finger.

Thank you Peter.
The swelling is now going down.

Thanks .
A very painful experience. The SAMU gave me an emergency appointment, but when the doctor saw my finger, I was seen ahead of the other waiting patient.

Ha Ha!

I was at my kitchen table, on my computer.

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The hornet was still out as it was getting dark. They do night shifts here. Loads of mosquitoes too.

@Jane_Williamson… my reply was to Annajane Harris… who had been talking about picking fruit at night…

replies seem to be getting a little confusing at the moment… I’ll try and properly identify folk next time …


Yep… @UKfloatedaway

that’s why I only forage in the early morning… clambering through the fig tree can be quite daunting once the frelons and/or wasps arrive… I get there while they are still slumbering… :wink:

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I’ve been trying that with the apples, the peace doesn’t last long!