I promise - I'm not stalking you!

Do you find that there are some posters whose posts you are forever “liking”? I do. As I’ve never got into all the other social media stuff, I quite like being able to “like” someone as a quick way of showing I agree with / enjoy the point they are making.

But then does there come a moment when forever “liking” some people comes over as creepy?

What would you suggest?
(1) Scattering a few “likes” around at random to even things up? I feel some people here could do with a few more hearts below their posts.
(2) Backing off from my over-enthusiastic gushiness? And try and act more cool and restrained.
(3) Carry on regardless and hope the recipient is happy to have a distant, albeit rather over-enthusiastic, admirer?


I would say 3


If I like/agree with a post sometimes I “like” and sometimes I reply… just depends on my mood and how much time on my hands…

a “like” can be taken as a positive response to what has been posted by that person… as far as I am concerned … :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I press like for three reasons, usually.

  1. I like the post, usually applies to the cat and dog posts
  2. Thank you if a post has helped me.
  3. If a post has been helpful to anybody else.

If I glance at my phone at work, I might want to acknowledge a post but not be able to respond so I press like


I wouldn’t worry about it so much if I were you.
If you like or agree with what someone says just press like or expand your thinking in a reply.

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Awwww and here was I thinking I had my very own stalker :heart_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Honestly don’t worry about it - no one (sane) would think you are being weird with a friendly like!

I also vote 3!


Carry on liking Sue. I ‘like’ lots of posts from all sorts of people.
Izzy x


If I find something likeable, instructive or jolly/funny I often ‘like’ it. It also acts as an encouragement to newcomers, I think.

If I appreciate it because it has a personal resonance for me at the time, I usually add a comment saying why or how.

I’m also aware of the risk of seeming creepy, but don’t agonise about it. If there is a frisson of distaste from a ‘like’ recipient I’m not so thick-skinned as not to realise the need to back off, and reflect on my motivation.

We’re all human after all.


I ‘like’ posts when I heartily agree, when I find them helpful or interesting or funny. And to acknowledge posts that don’t need a whole reply. Finally, of course, the great photos, not forgetting the cats and dogs (a bit soppy, but there you are).


I do the same thing. I wasn’t sure about joining in on here as there was quite a bit of bickering when I first joined in but having a few likes made me feel welcome so I’ve stayed on (sorry about that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ).


Glad you did toryroo!


Peter, are you absolutely sure? According to some sources our planet’s being controlled by alien, flesh eating, paedophile, satanist, lizard people (or something similar).


Even paedophile cannibalistic lizards can’t be ALL bad…? :lizard::hugs:

Beware the like/thank/thumbs up button though. There are people in this world (not apparently on here thankfully) who take a like as a personal attack if the likee happens to be an enemy of said person.

I speak from personal experience. :frowning:

I have to say I don’t like to see the term enemy used in a forum context


I agree wholeheartedly Eddie, and I don’t like to see it in any context, but there are people who think differently, sadly.



sometimes I am surprised to see “like” against a post which I (personally) dislike/don’t agree with… but that’s life.

(I’ve friends and family… all over the world… there are many subjects we disagree on… but we still remain friends and family… :wink:)


How sad, David, that you feel like you have enemies on internet forums especially as you seem like a nice person wanting to do their best for animals. Enemy is such a strong word as well, not sure I would want to be a member of a forum where I felt I had enemies. I guess we are spoilt here as most people are very nice.
Izzy x

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The person I ‘liked’ had made a post which I agreed with, but I was unaware that that person had a bad history with one of the owners. The latter took great exception to my ‘like’ of something that they did not like.

It was more complicated than that, of course, but it has made me wary of such shorthand buttons. My policy now is to agree/disagree in an answer with explanation, or do nothing at all.

Though I never needed it, or therefore searched for it, there was/is apparently somewhere where you could list friends and enemies. Not nice.