I survived - thanks to you guys!


Thanks again to everyone who responded to my 'word of inspiration' post... I had my first class since I had the problems and it was fine!

I had made it very clear to th teacher that I would not carry on unless I had her support and she agreed and had words with the children before we started. I tried the following suggestions from you guys;

1. Kids sat boy, girl

2. I gave them all English names which is a great help especially seeing half of them have Breton names which I cant pronounce!

3. I had a little cards with red crosses on them. If they were really naughty or were rude they got a card. 3 cards meant they were to be sent to the headmaster. Luckily out of 30 kids only gave five cards and it seemed that as soon as I gave 1 to a child they quickly started to behave!

4. I had very clear set activities which were designed with 5 minutes 'active time' (we were doing colours so I said a colour and they had to find something in the room in that colour) followed by 5 minutes 'concentrate' time (worksheets).

So a MASSIVE thank you.... I wont be dreading going back next week now!


Glad it all went so well. Enjoy tomorrow,

yay! Well done... that's the hard bit! Now... all you need is consistency, gritting your teeth through the occasional wobbles, and not being too upset if they get worse again before getting better. It's all about relationships and dynamics, all of which are very hard to get in 1 hour a week - I salute you!! ;)

Well done you! xx