I think I found the silver lining

Every cloud apparently has one!

I’m in the process of immatriculation of two of our vehicles here in France, my car, and our motorhome. So I’m busy getting all the relevant bits of paper together ready to submit.

Normally, this would mean an 80km/hour and a bit round trip to Loches to visit the tax office for a quitus fiscal for each. And possibly an awkward discussion because the invoices are not in French, although I know that depends on who you speak to. Either way, it’s a waste of half a day for me and the tax official.

Can’t do that just now for obvious reasons.

However, in the Lille area, it’s been done remotely for a while now, no visit necessary. And during Covid 19 they are using the same system here too - and I presume nationally. Emailed my documents, filled in the form they sent me, and hey presto less than a week later they emailed my 2 quitus. Originals in the post. So it would seem that if you’re going to need a quitus, now is the time to do it!

With any luck, after this is over, they’ll realise this is a much simpler way for both client and the tax service and adopt it as standard practice.

Now all I need is for the CT centre to re-open. Not holding my breath…

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Rather than making trek to tax office last week (only 50km round trip, but hey) I phoned them on Friday as need a bordereau de situation 237, and couldn’t see anywhere to get it online. Phone answered relatively quickly and helpful person answered. Explained what I needed, and 30 minutes later it plopped into my in box. Wonderful!


Someone posted this on one of the other threads recently. It is the link to the online Quitus fiscal service - https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/node/13469

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