I think I'm in the S___ now?

Hi Everyone,

I need some help. I am not in the financial position to be able to consult with an accountant or any profession that requires a fee of any sort. I am in the Paris area (1ere) and would like to meet with someone who has experience and free advice - I will buy the coffee or whatever.

Simply put, I became an auto-entrepreneur in 2011. My fault entirely but I did not read up on what had to be done from an administrative perspective relative to taxes, declarations and everything else. No excuse, I was just plain lazy. Also, I am virtually unilingual - English (Canadian) - again no excuse, but I cannot read French. I have had 1 or 2 small contracts since then but I have done nothing as it relates to URSSAF, Securite Sociale or any of the other declarations that needed to be made. I received a notice from URSSAF that tells me my auto-entrepreneur status will cancelled soon (end June) if I don't make my declarations...., and so on.

I am hoping that I can meet with someone where I can review everything in more detail and get some free advice, suggestions and practical help for the future - checklists and so on...,

Please help?

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Thanks Catherine,

Sorry I am so slow to respond. I joined Tim's website and have since sent him an email to try and get some face-to-face SKYPE time. I was impressed by his site and I hope that he can help.

Many thanks again,


It is a hash;-)

Please note that it isn't a site in English, it is for people that don't speak French :-) So our German, Dutch, Scandinavian and American friends have a choice of which language to learn.

Your computer seems to be fine ;~O, (means do not change on your machine)

The English URSSAF site appears to be having problems at the moment but that might just be my computer playing up.

You could try this link,Ian. It's in English. http://www.anglais.urssaf.fr/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=733

This and other links can be found on the Useful Links page http://www.survivefrance.com/page/useful-links under Auto Entrepreneur and URSSAF.

I agree with what Catharine is proposing. Have had yesterday a similar post here and Tim responded in a very nice manner. He even did not mentioned his activity, but now since I know, I will take his service into consideration. I even think she is right that Tim can sort out the main problem with a phone-call, so you just have to follow up by going in person to URSSAF.

Regarding your "S___ thing": if your client is NOT a French company, just close this AE status, you are not EU citizen what releases you from further obligations an EU citizen would have.

Good luck!

Hi, I'm not an Auto entrepreneur, but I'm French. I might be bale to help you understand some papers and make phone calls for you if you want. I live near Paris, in the suburb. If you need help send me a message in my inbox. I won't be home this w;e. but I'll get back to you asap.
Bye for now

They never contacted you about this? Not via email either? That's weird, I get two emails every three months Remember to declare

There is a fine if you don't declare, and have you not declared these incomes at all? Not on your tax declaration either?

All of the info on Valerie's site and that she provides is out there on the web FOC - but yes, not easy if you don't speak or read French.

A much cheaper option would be to get in touch with Tim Abady (who charges by the minute!) and can probably sort it out in one phone call.

I'm not recommending Tim because he is an SFN advertiser but because James and I are currently using him to sort out a really complicated issue and are VERY impressed with his service. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Nah, am having a really bad day today and achieved very little, must be the weather and another approaching bank holiday weekend.

Hi Ian, you may want to contact your local Pole Emploi, they are sometimes very helpful in these matters and can put you in touch with advisors on law and work issues,


I would go in person as the web sites can be a nightmare even for French speakers<

I'm really surprised Ian, that you didn't get quarterly forms on which you should have declared any income. It comes automatically from the RSI, so may be they are at fault too? Bonne chance.

Thanks Tracy - if I can find the money to join Tracy's group, I will. But the simple answer to your questions are...., I have earned money over the past 2 years, I have declared nothing and no, they did not mention a fine in the letter I received but I did send in a declaration via "poste" yesterday declaring everything I earned in the past 2 years. Perhaps their return correspondence will mention the fine..., I hope not. I cannot end my AE status because I still have an ongoing contract that pays me a little per month. I think(?) I need the AE status to continue receiving my monthly consulting fee. I really am a DOPE and I hoe that I can find my way out of this mess that I created.

You are probably getting on with what you are supposed to be doing Tracy. I however am in easy distract mode today

SNAP - you type faster than me though!

Hi Ian,

In the absence of totally free advice, one of the best resources is www.startbusinessinfrance.com, Valerie is an English speaking business advisor and will be able to help you out. I believe it is a small fee to join but she does know what she is talking about and answers all the questions on her forum personally.

Probably the best place to start is simply to end your AE status with immediate effect and that's it, simple declaration. Alternatively, find something to declare and continue as AE - have you been declaring a zero return each month as you should have been, or not? They fine you up to 50€, (from memory) per non-declaration - is that what the letter says?

You might find some useful stuff on Valerie's site http://www.startbusinessinfrance.com/ It's full of really good stuff

If you can afford the 80€ membership, you could join her forum and ask specific questions

Best of luck getting out of the brown stuff you are in